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In these uncertain times many of us may experience the loss of a loved one. It can be particularly difficult to support children through the process of grief and loss. We have collaborated with one of our parents to create a page which may help you to navigate this difficult subject. Many thanks to the parent who hared lots of these useful resources with us.


Visit the Childhood Bereavement Network which as some ideas on how to talk to, and support grieving children at this time.

This short video clip below is a beautiful and reassuring cartoon type video for children, when adults are trying to explain and understand the current circumstances/restrictions when a loved one dies from covid-19. We would advise that parents/carers watch the clip first to judge its suitability for their child.

Some recommended bereavement books for children.

The children and young persons mental health charity Young Minds has some information on grief and loss for both parents and children. Click the logo below to find out more.

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Click the logo's below to learn more about these bereavement services.