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Latest Swimming Performance Data

In the 2021-2022 cohort of 63 Year 6 pupils:


No. of pupils

Can swim a distance of 25 metres without stopping and using a consistent stroke.

62 / 63

Can swim using a range of strokes accurately.

55 / 63

Can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations?

59 / 63





Where and When do the children go swimming?

Swimming takes place on a Friday afternoon. The children and staff are collected from school and taken via coach to Silksworth Leisure Centre for their lesson. The session lasts 1 hour and the children return to school for the end of the day .

What do the children need to bring?

A bag containing a one piece swimming costume (girls)  or trunks for boys (no loose swim shorts) and  a towel. Goggles and a swim hat are optional.

Who is supervising?

As well as two school staff members the children are supervised by two professional swimming coaches and additional lifeguards.

Where do the children get changed?

Children use changing rooms that are specifically for schools and are not open to the public.

What happens if my child can't swim?

Don't worry, the children are grouped by their ability and specialised coaching is given.

What if my child can already swim confidently?

Children who can already swim will be given coaching to improve their technique.

What if my child needs the toilet?

Toilets are situated in the changing room next to the pool.

What if my child has medical needs?

The staff at the pool will be made aware of any existing medical conditions. School staff will also collect any medication needed from the office and take it with them to the pool.