Cleadon Church of England Academy

Flourishing together as one


Our school believes that all children need opportunities to play which allow them to explore, manipulate, experience and affect their environment. Our school acknowledges the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child, especially Article 31, and supports the child’s right to play.

In order to develop the play provision in school, we are being supported by OPAL Play to maximise the resources (time, equipment and school environment) that are available for our children.  

Children from year 1 to year 6 will have the opportunity to go to any area of the yard to participate in the activities that are available.  We will continually review the activities that are available and change or introduce new ones throughout the year. 

Our PTFA are providing a lot of help in funding and resourcing our OPAL play journey because of the benefits that every child will experience.  



We are looking for donations of baby/toddler strollers for OPAL play. The action of pushing and pulling is a fantastic way for children to build muscle, become more spatially aware, encourage collaboration, to be creative and use their imagination whilst developing communication skills to act out and make sense of real-life situations.
That's a lot to be gained from a simple buggy.
{Please note we would like actual baby buggies not just doll buggies}


In February we hosted an OPAL play meeting for all parents. You can view this presentation below.


The launch of OPAL Play was met with great enthusiasm. We opened 7 new areas plus the gym and trim trails.

Large loose parts

Small World


Wheeled Area

Games/Sports Area

Costume and Performance Area

Social Area


We are hoping to start on our OPAL Journey after the Christmas break. We are pleased to announce that our wonderful PTFA has bought some essential equipment for us. Scooterboards and helmets for the wheeled area, clamps and clips for den building, wellies for the digging area, brushes and rollers for the creative space and storage boxes to keep everything nice and neat.


Mrs Cryer had secured us a boat! SeaFury was kindly donated to us this month. She needs a little love but we hope that she will soon be a feature in the children's creative play. If any parents/carers would be able to spare some time to help to restore SeaFury to her former glory it would be very much appreciated!


Mrs Cryer and Mrs Dowson have been working really hard to cut a path through the perimiter bushes. We are hoping to use this as a nature pathway and den building area.


As a school we will soon be embarking on our OPAL Play journey. We have lots of exciting plans that will provide enriching play for all of our children. At this time, we would like to ask for help from parents and children in the form of donations to get our scheme off the ground. We would like your help to resource 4 exciting new areas within our grounds. Any spare wellies/wet weather gear would also be greatly appreciated (all sizes). Collection bins will be placed outside the main entrance from Monday.

Mud Kitchen
Pots and pans
Muffin/cake trays
Utensils (mixing spoons, whisks, ice-cream scoops etc)
Metal tea pots
Metal plates and cups
Plastic measuring jugs and spoons

Hand held tools and children’s gardening equipment {trowels, rakes, spades etc}
Stiff brushes
Sturdy pots
Wellies (all sizes)
Splash suits/ wet weather clothing of all sizes.
Clean paintbrushes and paint rollers

Costume Area
Themed jackets (police officer, firefighter, doctor)
Easy to put on items of clothing (NO characters please, such as princesses and action hero's)

Small World
Cars and vehicles/ garage
Building blocks
Dolls house and furniture
Wooden trainset
Farm/jungle animals
Construction toys
Baby dolls and accessories such as prams.