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Science Week

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that. In school each year group will choose their own investigation theme from the suggested activities. During our science investigations we will follow the scientific method.

Kids' Songs about the Scientific Method – Inventors of Tomorrow

This year the theme for Science Week is ‘growth’. Our first whole school investigation is.......

                        Is it true that the older you are, the bigger your hands are?

Using the scientific method each year group has predicted the answer to this question, formed a hypothesis, gathered information and recorded their results.

Whole School Experiment

Egg Drop Experiment

Year 6 have been investigating how best to protect an egg if it falls.  They tested different materials in a range of different ways to find which would keep their precious cargo safe.  Lots of great thinking and lots of fun!

Our Chicks
As the theme for this year is Growth we have been extremely lucky to have had some eggs delivered which we are going to be caring for and watching them hatch into chicks. Our chick egg-spert Colin visited each class with some live chickens to talk to the children about the care that our chicks will need to grow big and strong. The children loved interacting with the hens and cannot wait for our eggs to hatch!

Year 2 Science Ambassadors

Cell Detectives

Today, Year 5 and 6 had two special visitors from Newcastle University - the Cell Detectives! There was great excitement as the children were able to take a very close look at everyday items using specialist microscopes.  They then got to make their own working microscopes...using Lego! 

Year 6 Science Ambassadors

Year 3 Plant Growth

In Year 3 we have been learning about how plants grow. We have set up and investigation to find out what are the best conditions for plants to grow in. We will observe our plants in the coming days and weeks to see how their living conditions have effected their growth.

Year 2 Walking Rainbow

The children in Year 2 learned all about a scientific process called the capillary action. This action happens when a liquid moves up through a hollow tube or into a spongy, solid material. In this experiment the fibres in kitchen roll have lots  of little holes. Water is absorbed through the kitchen roll because when the first water molecule adheres to it and begins to move upward, it pulls the next water molecule up with it, like a chain. 


Year 5 Science Ambassadors

Parts of a Flower

In Year 3 we have been investigating plants, flowers and growth. We have been exploring the conditions needed for plants to grow setting up an investigation. We have also looked at the parts of plants, dissecting a daffodil.

Year 3 Science Ambassadors
Reception Science Week!
Reception have had great fun this week learning about how plants grow, they have all planted their own seeds, watered them and are now watching them patiently to see who's the first to sprout.

Year 1 Science Ambassadors