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Recycle and Fundraise

Good news everyone, we were the WINNER of the Easter clothes appeal campaign! And you know what that means, don’t you?  We have won an incredible prize, a free visit from the Ice Cream van and a free ice cream for every child!  We are incredibly proud of the amount of clothes that have been recycled and of  the funds raised so far.  It’s been a fantastic community effort.

Earth Day

The children in our KS2 Eco Army created art work as part of Boldon and Cleadon Community Library's Earth Day Event Art competition. They used recycled materials such as their used Easter egg packaging and classroom waste to create models and posters to promote re-cycling and pollution awareness. 3 Fabulous entries were shortlisted and sent to The Library to be entered into the grand final with other schools in our area.

Eco Army Presentation!
Today, four of our wonderful Year 6 eco army members shared a presentation with EYFS & KS1 in their celebration Worship. The girls prepared the presentation independently and delivered confidently to over 180 children and adults. They shared tips on how we can be more eco friendly setting challenges for the children and staff. Well done girls! Click on the photograph below to view the presentation.

Green Flag Award

The Eco Army led by Miss Fenwick and Miss Wales are pleased to announce that they have achieved the Green Flag status for all their excellent work over the last academic year.

Eco Schools Ni Logo Transparent PNG - 988x1024 - Free ...

Lights Out Fortnight

Each class now has a light monitor. The members of our Eco- Army spoke to each class about the importance of turning off lights when the room is not in use.

Our Eco-Code

Our Eco Army have been hard at work creating an Eco Code that reflects the work they have been doing and would like everyone in school to follow these rules. The children have thought very carefully about what important messages they want to include to encourage everyone to help look after our world and they are excited to share this with you all.

The Great British Spring Clean

The Eco Army have recently signed up to take part in 'The Great British Spring Clean' and pledged to collect as much litter as possible from our school grounds. They were so shocked to see how much litter was around when they looked closely! There's still time to take part and join the campaign to keep Britain tidy. A small amount of your time can have a huge impact on our planet!


Click the picture of the Easter egg below to take our Eco-Easter challenge.


Easter Animation by Mathew Ware on Dribbble

Eco Army Newsletter

Miss Fenwick, Miss Wales and the Eco Army have been  busy this term and would like to share their first newsletter with you all.


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