Cleadon Church of England Academy

Believe, Inspire, Excel

Our Values


After a long consultation process last academic year we now have an agreed Vision statement and a set of values to live by. These were an amalgamation of all the thoughts and ideas shared by staff, parents, Directors and members of our community.

It is important that The Values are understood by all. Our children need to see them in their daily lives and recognise them for what they are. Classrooms have The Values displayed- in an age appropriate way.

From the beginning of term each class has been looking at The Values in their PSHE lessons, making sure that they can give examples of how the values may look in a daily context.


 Mission Statement

Guided by our caring Christian ethos, we all work together to equip everyone with the skills, attitude, creativity and motivation to become happy successful lifelong learners and respectful global citizens.




We will bring our Christian ethos to life by:

Striving for excellence

·         Setting high expectations,

·         Showing pride, passion and self-belief,

·         Encouraging forward thinking and embracing challenge,

·         Promoting continuous learning,

·         Recruiting the right people,

·         Facilitating continuous improvement,

·         Providing the widest range of opportunities to excel.

Achieving together

·         Learning and working together harmoniously, within a supportive environment,

·         Ensuring everyone is valued,

·         Enabling everyone to have a voice,

·         Promoting shared understanding and ownership, through collaboration,

·         Sharing good practice, and celebrating success,

·         Challenging ourselves and others,

·         Supporting the communities in which we live and work.

Showing respect

·         Promoting the wellbeing of all members,

·         Recognizing everybody’s contribution,

·         Demonstrating courtesy and fairness to all,

·         Embracing diversity and practicing tolerance,

·         Celebrating the individual.

Inspiring success

·         Nurturing achievement and celebrating success,

·         Embracing inspiration and innovation,

·         Encouraging self-motivation,

·         Providing inspirational, creative teaching and challenge,

·         Providing positive role models,

·         Delivering a broad and exciting curriculum that engages and enthuses all learners.

Acting with integrity

·         Maintaining professionalism at all times,

·         Valuing honesty, trust and accepting accountability,

·         Establishing transparent and effective communication,

·         Listening and acting upon feedback,

·         Ensuring collective care and responsibility.

This will be delivered within a caring, happy, safe and secure environment.


Please note that paper copies are available on request from the school office free of charge.