Cleadon Church of England Academy

Flourishing together as one

Commando Joes



Mission 6: ‘Build people up & you will always have a fortress around you.’

Year 4 were tasked in building  a defence against the  Roman attack.  Using only the resources available, teams needed to work together to create a strong, free standing fortress which could protect all members of the team.  Great job!!

Children in Year 2 enjoyed taking on a mission to help the 'Three Little Pigs'. They needed to come up with a plan to get across the river safely without touching the poisonous plants. This involved using various skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving. The children loved explaining different rote options as well as coming up with new ideas. Lots of fun was had by all!

Children in class 3X have had great fun with Miss Witte learning new skills using the commando Joes equipment. Great team building opportunities.

Our attempt of Ed Stafford’s walk through the Amazon Rainforest continues. The children were tasked with the mission, ‘Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail’. It was time to arrange and pack our equipment. Items such as food, first aid kits, shampoo and cuddly toys were on offer. The children had to decide what they needed – are these essential to our mission? I wonder if Ed took his teddy bear with him?

In their Commando Joes session this week, 2X worked on their communication skills as they were tasked with guiding each other through an obstacle course whilst blindfolded. The children then worked brilliantly as a team to create a chain and reach the other side without breaking apart, giving instructions and motivating each other along the way.