Cleadon Church of England Academy

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We deliver a well – researched curriculum with experienced staff trained to a high level. In addition to gaining language, mathematical, scientific and technological skills, your child will build confidence, develop self– reliance, learn to make decisions and develop the ability to articulate feelings and ideas. We also attach great importance to the development of the children’s social skills and seek to enable them to build relationships with other children and adults and be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.

One thing you may be sure of, your child will never fail. The staff are highly skilled in assessing each pupil’s individual level of development and then supporting them in moving, at their own pace, towards their full potential. We work hard to ensure that all children feel good about themselves, and acquire a high level of self-esteem. If you feel successful you will be successful.

We feel that your involvement in this process is essential and we will provide frequent opportunities to keep you informed about the ways in which we are working with your child. We are keen to have parental involvement at all levels and if you have any time to spare to come into school and work with us, you will be made very welcome.

Childhood, we would all agree, is a very special time and no one gets a second chance at it. You can count on us to do our very best to make it as joyous and productive as possible for your child.

Mrs. J. Gray
Executive Principal

Key Personnel

 Executive Principal - Mrs. J. Gray

Vice-Principal - Mr. G. Scott

Chair of All Saints' Academies Trust - Mr. P. Bowens

Chair of Cleadon Local Academy Council - Mr. M. Hurrell

School Business Manager -  Mrs. Y. Malcolm

SENDCO - Miss. J. Merrin


Please address enquiries to Office Manager Mrs. Y .Malcolm 

Tel: 01915367813  


Please address admission enquiries to  Mrs. D. Tate

Administrative Assistant/Admissions Officer

 Email :-

Admissions  :-


Boldon Lane,


 Tyne and Wear,

 SR6 7RP,



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