Cleadon Church of England Academy

Reading at home


Here are a few helpful tips to use when hearing your child read.


*Make sure the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable.

*Keep the session short 10-15 minutes.
*Read as often as possible.

*Stop if your child is unhappy, reading should be fun

*Give lots of praise and encouragement.
*Give as much help as needed.
*Stop and look at pictures and talk about them.
*Encourage your child to guess at words they don’t know.
*Look for familiar letters and sounds.
*Read signs and labels when you are out and about.
*Talk about the story, pictures and different characters.
*Play lots of games together – snap, dominoes, i spy are fun.
*Visit your local library and let your child choose their own books
*Remember that the understanding of the story is important
*Make sure your child returns their reading book on the required day.

Remember – reading is fun – enjoy yourselves!


Top Tips to help your child understand the book

It is really important for children to understand what their book is about, rather than just saying the words. Look through the pictures to see where the story is set. Talk about this with your child. How do they know where the story is set? What is happening in the pictures? How do the characters feel? Explore how they know this. You can also ask your child what happened next and why they think this. Make reference to the character and what they are doing. Try asking some of these questions...


What do you already know about the book?
Which bit tells you about….?
How do you know……..?
Where does it explain about……?
What parts of the story made you feel……(happy, sad, cross etc.)?
Which bit tells you how the character feels about…….?
Where can you find the bit that says…..?
Find an example in the text to show…..?
What did you think the author meant by……

Why have these words been used?

Can you think of a similar word?

Can you find words that describe…..(how people feel).