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Maggie's Moments


We are very pleased to welcome our new member of staff, Maggie
Dogs are increasingly being used in a range of settings including hospitals, care homes and schools. Research has shown that dogs in schools lead to improved attainment and emotional well-being in pupils due to the calming and non-judgemental nature of the animal. Maggie is a Chocolate Merle Cockapoo and was chosen because she is hypo-allergenic and has a calm and friendly nature. 
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Thursday 7th November
Gotcha Day!
I've had such a busy day today, it's all been very strange! This afternoon I met Mrs. Gray, Mr. Scott and Lucy. Mrs. Gray took me outside - something very wet was falling on to me, she said it was called rain? Anyway, then I went for a very long ride in Mr. Scott's car. I was a very good girl - well except for when I did a wee on Mrs. Gray's knee! She just laughed though and Mr. Scott said he didn't mind.
Now I have come to live in Mrs Gray's house and I am having a lovely time. I met my new friends Maisie and George, Lucy says they are cats. I really want to play with them but they just keep running away? Maybe soon....
Now I am really tired, I am going to go and have a very long sleep (well, Mrs Gray hopes I will!) I wonder what new things I will learn tomorrow? Night night! 

Friday 8th November

I've had another exciting day today. It started very early - at 5 o'clock! Mrs Gray said that was alright 'cos I went to bed at half past ten and didn't cry or anything! Today Mrs Gray and Lucy have been teaching me how to ring some bells every time I want to go for a wee? It seems very strange to me, but it makes them very happy when I go outside so I've been trying really hard. I think I've been pretty good at it as they've given me lots of treats - yummy!

I spent a long time playing with my new toys this morning and that made me so tired I had to have a long nap before my lunch. After lunch Mrs Gray and Lucy took me to a big shop to buy some more food for my tea. The shop smelled very funny to me and I was a bit scared. We got a new toy though and a lovely new bandana for me to wear. 

Tonight I got a lovely surprise - a lady called Mrs Tooley came to visit me and she brought her big girl Megan too. Megan has lovely long hair and I had such fun playing with it! I think I must have got really tired from all the playing though 'cos when I woke up they had gone! I hope they come and see me again - Mrs Tooley says she has lots of boys and girls that I can meet when I am a bit bigger. I wonder if they all live in her house?

Saturday 9th November

Today I was mostly sleeping.....and sleeping.....and sleeping.....

It's hard work being a little puppy!

 Sunday 10th November

Today I spent a lot of time playing with all my new toys. I have some that squeak when I bite them, I really like them! I think my favourite toy is Mr Tiger - I brought him with me when I came to live in Mrs Gray's house. This morning I wanted to make sure that no-one else played with my toys, so I spent a long time dragging them all out of the toy box and into my den! (Even though some of them are almost bigger than me!) 

This afternoon, Mrs Gray and Lucy took me to visit one of their friends called Peggy. She gave me lovely cuddles and said she thought I was beautiful - I liked her! Peggy is 101 years older than me - she used to have a little dog so she was very pleased to meet me.

I was a bit tired tonight. George and Maisie still don't want to be my friend, although George did come and have a look at me today. Lucy says she is going to teach me how to do something new tomorrow - I wonder what that will be? 

Monday 11th November

Wait 'til you see what I learned how to do this morning! I was playing with my toys after my breakfast, when all of a sudden.... I rolled over! I did! It was such fun I decided to do it again! The second time I got a bit stuck but I'm going to keep practising.

Lucy has been trying to teach me my name - I think I am supposed to look at her every time she says 'Maggie'? At least, when I did that today she gave me a yummy treat, so I might do it again I think.

This afternoon was the best of all though - I went out to visit the park for the first time. I am not allowed to walk on the ground yet, so Lucy carried me in my blanket. I saw so many leaves on the ground, I really wanted get down and snuffle them all but Lucy says I have to wait until I am a bit bigger. It was really windy and it made my ears fly out - I didn't like that bit so much. In the park I met a big dog called Beau; he was very pleased to see me and he jumped up to say hello. I was a very good girl though and I just smiled at him. I'm not scared of big dogs, I'm a brave puppy! 

The only thing that happened today that I didn't like was when I had to wear something called a lead. I tried and tried to get it off, but Mrs Gray and Lucy said I have to keep it on when I go for lovely walks. Grrrr!  

Tonight they told me I have been such a good girl today, that something very exciting is going to happen tomorrow - I wonder what that might be...?


Tuesday 12th November

 Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! What a day I have had! This morning I got into the car with Mrs Gray and Lucy - they told me I was going to something called 'work'? That didn't sound much fun, but when I got there it was SO good.

At first lots of grown-ups came to see me and Mrs Tate gave me lots of kisses and snuggles. Then I went into my 'office' and lots of boys and girls came to see me! it was great, they told me all about their dogs and other pets - I learned lots! 

At playtime I was allowed to go into the staffroom as it was a special occasion - Mrs Nixon's birthday! All the teachers sang Happy Birthday to her - it made my ears hurt a bit! Then they all started talking about things that little puppies don't find interesting so I just curled up and went to sleep on Mrs Dowson's knee! 

 I was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but Mrs Gray said we had to hurry as I had to go somewhere else very important. We got in the car again and she drove me to a place called The Vet's. We had to sit and wait for a little while and a great big dog came up to say hello to me. I wanted to get down and play with him, but Lucy said I'm not allowed to yet.

The vet lady was so nice - she looked at me very carefully to check I was nice and healthy. I had to sit on some scales so she could see how heavy I am now I'm getting to be a big girl. She had a special machine called a scanner that she held over my back. She told me I have something called a microchip under my fur - if I get lost it would help everyone to get me back to Mrs Gray. Then the vet asked Mrs Gray to hold me very still - she said,"I don't think Maggie is going to like this." She gave me an injection to make sure I don't get poorly. I got a bit of a shock when she did it, but I didn't fact I went to sleep!

The vet said I was a very good girl and she is looking forward to seeing me again soon. Best of all, she said that next week I can go out for some lovely walks! Then it was time for me to go home. I was so tired after my busy morning, I went straight to sleep in the car and had a big long sleep at home too! Today was such a lovely day....

Wednesday 13th November

Hello! I had to go to work again today, Mrs Gray said I had some important jobs to do. When I got there, Mr Young had put a special gate in front of my office door - I think this was to stop me going exploring! It didn't work though, as I ran straight through the gate - Mr Young said he's going to have another think...

My first job was to say hello to all the boys and girls coming into Cleadon Owls. I was very busy but I really enjoyed this job. Next, I had an important meeting with a visitor. I tried hard to be good but I discovered he had put his bag under the table - it was so yummy to chew!

When the visitor had gone, I had lots and lots of books to look at from the boys and girls in Years 5 and 6. I looked very carefully to see if they were doing their best handwriting and trying hard to get all their spellings right - most of them were, but I think I might have to have a word (or woof) with one or two of them. While I was doing this, I sneaked under the table and took Mr Scott's shoelaces out of his shoes!!

All of this hard work made me a bit tired so I had a little sleep in my bed. Later, Miss Bowser came to look after me while Mrs Gray had to go somewhere else. She and I practised my 'sit' - she thought I was very clever. While Mrs Gray was out, Mrs Tate came in and gave me some treats in a special puzzle game two of my new friends had brought. She told me not to tell Mrs Gray I was having all the treats! 

I made lots more new friends today, one of them brought his fantastic writing along to show me, I really enjoyed listening to what he had written. This morning was all very tiring for a little puppy,  so I came home for a long snooze.

Tonight something happened that I didn't like very much - Mrs Gray and Lucy put me into some water and put something bubbly onto my fur! They said it would make me lovely and clean and make me smell nice, but I wasn't very happy. When they were finished though, they did wrap me in a nice warm towel and now I am lovely and warm and fluffy again.

Tomorrow I think I will try and learn something else new; the boys and girls at my school are so clever, I need to try and keep up with them! Night, night! 

Thursday 14th November

I've had quite a quiet day today, I stayed at home with Lucy and we have been practising me listening to her carefully! I needed to get lots of rest because I am going to work again tomorrow!

The other day I made a new friend who has the same name as me! Tomorrow I am going to practise my new puzzle game again too!


Friday 15th November

Phew! I'm glad I had a good rest yesterday - I've really been working hard today! This morning I have practised my sitting again; I'm getting really good at it - sometimes I sit and wait for a long time! (Sometimes I just run round in a circle chasing my tail though...) 

Lucy took me out for a little walk - well carry, as I'm not allowed to walk on the ground just yet. I said hello to the dog who lives in the house next door to me. He's called Bobby. He's a very old dog and he can't see very well any more, so I go up close to him so that he knows it's me! I didn't really like going outside this morning, it was so cold and windy I was shivering when I got home again.

This afternoon was much better. Mrs Gray said I was going to work. I get very excited when I see her putting her school coat on 'cos I know that means we are going in the car! When I got to work though, it was very strange - everyone was wearing their pyjamas! I think they must have forgotten to put their clothes on today, how silly! Mrs Gray put a lovely bandana on me, it had spots all over it. I quite liked it but she made me take it off because I kept chewing it...

Next I went to visit the boys and girls in the Reception classes. I haven't been there before and I was a bit worried it might be scary! It wasn't! They were all as quiet as little mice. I remembered my best puppy manners and made sure I said hello to everyone. (I even gave Sophia some puppy kisses!) All the children were so nice, they stroked me gently and threw my ball for me to chase. I like it in Reception, I hope Mrs Gray says I can go there again.

My next job this afternoon was to go and have afternoon tea with Mr Scott and some of the boys and girls who have been really, really good. I sat on Mr Scott's knee and there was lovely big and creamy jam scone right under my nose - yum! Mr Scott said little puppies are not allowed creamy jam scones though and he moved it away - can you believe it?! I was just thinking that afternoon tea was not much fun, when the boys and girls got out my new puzzle game again and I found some delicious puppy treats inside it! 

The boys and girls had to go and get ready to go home, but I told them I would wave goodbye to them out of Mrs Gray's window. Lots and lots of boys and girls waved to me - I was so tired Mrs Foster had to put me down on my blanket for a long sleep!

I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight, Mrs Gray says we have got another busy day tomorrow- night, night!

Saturday 16th November

 This morning I learned how to do something called 'housework'? It was great fun, chasing the vacuum cleaner, stealing all the dusters and trying to chew the cushions. The very best bit though, was helping Mrs Gray to change all the beds - it was just the best fun ever! I really don't know why she says next time I have to wait in my crate while she does it...?

This afternoon I went back to the big pet shop, it wasn't as scary this time and the people in the shop were all lovely and friendly. Mrs Gray says I have to get ready for going out for big girl walks next week, so I got to choose a new harness! I didn't really like wearing it though, so I think I'm going to have to practise that a bit.

Tonight, Lucy's brother Nicholas and lots of their friends came round to see me. They all said I was beautiful, so I think they are nice friends to have! They were all going to something called a party - I thought that sounded like the sort of thing a little puppy might like, but they didn't take me with them. I was sad for a bit, but then I went to sleep!

Tomorrow, Mrs Gray says I am going to see Mr Gray. He has been to a place called Canada, so I think he is going to get a big surprise when he finds me living in his house! Mrs Gray says I met him when I was a very little puppy, but I don't think I can remember that? I'm going to show him all the things I have learned to do and what a clever girl I am!