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We are very pleased to welcome our new member of staff, Maggie
Dogs are increasingly being used in a range of settings including hospitals, care homes and schools. Research has shown that dogs in schools lead to improved attainment and emotional well-being in pupils due to the calming and non-judgemental nature of the animal. Maggie is a Chocolate Merle Cockapoo and was chosen because she is hypo-allergenic and has a calm and friendly nature. 
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Maggie's Moments 2020

Thursday 23rd April

I'm feeling a little bit guilty - I haven't written in my diary for so long... but life is very strange at the moment? I'm not allowed to go to school to see my boys and girls, I'm not allowed to run on the beach without my lead on, I'm not allowed to lick everyone I see... you see what I mean? I don't know what's going on. Anyway, I promise I will start to write in my diary again and tell you all what I have been up to.

Well, I don't really want to tell you about this bit, but.... The other day, Mrs Gray forgot to close the sitting room door so of course I went in! She had left me lots and lots of lovely paper to chew and tear and play with ... well at least that's what I thought? When she came back in she said 'Oh, Maggie!' in a very sad voice and I had to go and sit in the kitchen. I knew I must have done something that wasn't good, so I tried to hide. Mrs. Gray came to find me and told me it wasn't my fault, it was her's as she shouldn't have left things lying around. Well, how was I to know it was something called a knitting pattern and she is making a blanket for a baby that is going to be arriving very soon? Luckily, Mrs. Gray's friend had the same knitting pattern, so she can finish making the blanket thing.

Today I have gone to stay with Nicholas for a little while. He and Caitlin haven't seen me for a long time and I know they were really missing me! (well, I was missing them actually.) They took me for a lovely walk today to see a very big bridge, but I'm still not allowed to come off my lead... Oh well, I suppose I'll just have to do what I'm told! 

Monday 10th March

When I went to school today, Mrs West and Mrs Tate took me for a walk. Look what I found!! I don't know why they wouldn't let me keep it, I was really enjoying it...

Sunday 9th March

I went to puppy class again this morning and saw all my friends from last week. Margo was there again and we played together at the end of the class. The lady said I was doing better with my walking (although I still didn't pass!) I had to show her how I let Mrs Gray brush me and dry me after a bath. I got a bit nervous when she said the word 'bath', but it was alright, we were just pretending. Phew! 

After puppy class we went out for lunch with Nicholas and Caitlin and I was a very good girl. I had such a busy day I went to bed early tonight. 

Saturday 7th March

 Today I went for a sleepover at Nicholas' again. I love going there, I get to play with new toys and best of all I am allowed to sleep on the bed! (Mrs Gray never lets me do that!) Nicholas took me out with my new coat on - everyone said I looked very smart. Then we went to visit my friend again - I was a good puppy and didn't pester her too much...

Thursday 5th March

I was a bit of a monkey today at school (Mrs Gray says!) I have discovered that I can make a really good barking sound, it's so loud! I was really very proud of myself so I barked at Mr Dowson, I barked at Mrs Reid, I barked at a motorcycle, I barked at some bikes, I barked at the birds... in fact I barked at anything that moved! Mrs Gray said I was giving her a headache so I went out for a little play in my garden with two of my friends. 

After that I went to watch 4y practising their worship for tomorrow. They sang a really good song about books. Later, some of Year 5 came to visit me as they said they had something to show me. They had been to a Multi-skills tournament - and they won! They had the most enormous trophy, I'm not sure where they are going to put that! 

Before I went home, I had another job to do. Some of Year 5 have been practising riding their bikes outside on the roads and I had to present them all with a certificate and a badge. Mrs Gray makes me work really hard! 

I was very proud of all my boys and girls today. The only bit I didn't like so much was that Mrs Gray keeps trying to teach me a new word... I think she kept saying 'Quiet'?

Sunday 1st March

 I started a new puppy class today! There are six other puppies in my class; Otis the schnoodle, Wally the whippet, Shelby the dachshund, a golden retriever, a husky and another cockapoo called Margo! Margo is still a very little puppy and she was a bit shy, but I think she will be my friend! She is a merle cockapoo like me.

We had to show the lady how we could sit, stand and lie down. I was quite good at that bit and I passed! Then we had to show the lady how we walk nicely on the lead - I wasn't quite as good at that part so I think that is my homework for the week....

Saturday 29th February

I went to visit the groomers again this morning. I was secretly glad as my fur was getting so long I couldn't see properly! The lovely ladies there told Mrs Gray I was a very good girl and didn't make a fuss when I was getting washed, trimmed and blow-dried. Now I'm all soft and fluffy again!

Friday 28th February

This morning I got in the car a little bit earlier than usual. Instead of stopping at the school, Mrs Gray drove us to the Metro station -I wondered what was going on? Soon I noticed that some of my boys and girls were there too - some of them looked a bit sleepy as it was six o'clock in the morning! 

They told me they were going on a train all the way to London! I got really excited and hoped that I could go to but Mrs Gray told me I had only gone to wave goodbye to them all - maybe when I am a bit bigger?

I hope they had a lovely time, I know they'll tell me all about it when they get back!

Thursday 27th February

I had a really fun morning with some of the Nursery children today! I went to join in their dance lesson. We all had to listen really carefully as a lady told us what we had to do. She was telling us a very exciting story about a little mouse and a Gruffalo! We had to ask around the Social Display area like little mice - Mrs Tooley said I was very good at doing that. Then the children had to pretend to have really sharp teeth - they were a bit scary so I sat on Mrs Gray's knee for that part.

When the children had finished their lesson, the best bit happened. I suddenly noticed that they had all taken off they socks and shoes and put them around the side of the room - well you can probably imagine what happened next....

Tuesday 25th February

I went back to school today! It was lovely to see everyone again - it took me a long time to go and sniff everything just in case there was anything I had missed! 

I had to go to lots of meetings this morning, they were so exciting I fell asleep and Mrs Gray said I was snoring! 

At lunchtime I went for a lovely walk in the sunshine, so that cheered me up. When I came back, one of my friends came to see me. She had been baking doggy muffins for her dog and she made me one too - wasn't that kind of her? I like doggy muffins, they are delicious!

Later I just wanted to play in Mrs Gray's office. She was busy so instead I went and stole one of her socks! Luckily she laughed and called me a sock thief -  but then she gave me something different to play with!

Sunday 23rd February

 Well I've had a lovely holiday - once I felt better after my little operation anyway. When I had to stay in the house for a little while, Mrs Gray made me a new toy to play with - she hides my food in it and I have to sniff it out, it is really good fun. One day when I was really good girl, she bought me a new toy to play with too.

Once I could go outside again, I have been going for lots of walks. I have been to the beach, the park and all around where I live, making lots of new friends. I'm looking forward to getting back to see all the boys and girls at school soon though!

Thursday 13th February

So today .... I am six months old!

Now I weigh nearly 7 kilograms and I can:

  • sit
  • lie down
  • give a paw
  • stay (sort of!)
  • high five
  • dance
  • answer to my name
  • come when I am called
  • fetch a ball
  • ring a bell to tell people when I need the toilet
  • sleep all through the night
  • give lovely kisses

I still need to learn to:

  • roll over
  • walk nicely on my lead
  • drop things when I am told
  • be polite to other dogs
  • be left on my own
  • make friends with my cats
  • stand still in the bath! 
  • sometimes give Mrs Gray a lie-in! 

My favourite things are:

  • food: cheese
  • toy: my unicorn 
  • game: fetch
  • place: my school and the beach
  • treat: ice-cream
  • part of the day: getting my bedtime biscuit! 


Wednesday 12th February

Well, I'm very sorry I haven't written my diary for a few days, but things have been a bit strange around here! 

On Sunday I went for another sleepover with Nicholas and Caitlin - I was only a little bit mischievous this time though! Nicholas took me for a long walk along the Quayside - check out the cool new lead he bought me! 

When I came back to my house on Monday, I went for a long play in the park with Mrs Gray and Lucy, it was a bit dark, but I still managed to find my ball. When I had my tea, they told me to eat it all up as I wouldn't be getting any more food for a while? I didn't really believe them, but I had to go to bed with no bedtime biscuit!

On Tuesday morning I had to get up very early - with no breakfast! Then Mrs Gray and Lucy took me to the Vets. They told me I had to have a little operation so I would be staying there all day. I didn't mind, I like going to the Vets, the ladies always tell me I am beautiful!

When Mrs Gray had gone, the nurses gave me some medicine to help me get a little bit sleepy. After that, I can't really remember what happened until I woke up later on - wearing a Babygro!! Really, I'm a big girl! I had a lovely time with the nurses and the vet though, they kept giving me lots of snuggles!

Mrs Gray and Lucy came to take me home, but I was just so tired, all I could do was sleep.

In fact, that's all I've done today too. I went back to see my vet this morning, but she said I was doing very well. Then I came home and went back to sleep.

The sad part about having this 'operation' thing, is I'm not allowed to go to work to see my boys and girls. I can't go for long walks either or do all my jumping practice! Sigh! Mrs Gray has given me a cool  vest to wear to keep my stitches dry though - I do like pink! 

Mrs Gray says if I am very good and stay quiet for a little while, she will take me to school for a little visit. So I'm going to be on my very best puppy behaviour! In the meantime though, another nap I think...


Tuesday 4th February

 I didn't go to school yesterday because I didn't get back from my sleepover until after lunch, so I was really looking forward to seeing everyone today! Mrs Gray told me she had to go out somewhere this morning, so I was staying with Mr. Scott. He told me he had a special job for me to do.

While Mrs Gray was getting things ready in the Office, I'm afraid I did something a bit naughty! I noticed she had left her handbag up on the bench, so I climbed up on the chair and stuck my head into her bag! There were all sorts of interesting things in there, but I found some lovely paper to chew. It made such a pretty pattern on Mrs Gray's floor - I don't know why she didn't seem to love it when she came back? I heard her saying something about 'receipts' and 'passwords'? Oh well...

After Mrs Gray had gone, Mr Scott and I went into the Office - apparently we were in charge. His job was to answer the telephone when it rang and it was my job to say hello to everyone who came to visit. Mr Scott said I did a very good job - although I think the postman got a bit of a fright when I popped up! I played with my toys in the Office and then we went for a walk. By the time Mrs Gray came back I was ready for my lunch and a nice little snooze.

Sunday 2nd February

I have had such an exciting day today! This afternoon, Nicholas and Caitlin came to collect me. I was getting excited for a walk, when I noticed that Mrs Gray was packing up my crate, my toys and my bedtime biscuit...? What on earth was going on? Well, it turned out, I was going on my first ever sleepover! I got really excited, but then I realised I didn't actually know what that was? Oh well...

We drove a little way in the car to a big park and we met some friends there who had brought a friend for me to play with. Her name is Luna and she is a spaniel. Once we got off our leads, we started a lovely game of chase. Suddenly I saw a great big puddle, bigger than I've ever seen before. Before Nicholas could catch me, I ran straight over and jumped in it! Uh oh... big mistake. So as a matter of fact, it wasn't a puddle - it was something called a lake! My little paws didn't touch the bottom and I went right under the water! I got a big surprise but managed to jump out of the lake. Brrr, I was really wet now.

We saw some really big white birds called swans - I was back on my lead to talk to them as they were bigger than me. 

After our playtime, we went back to Luna's house - to carry on playing I thought.... until I heard the word 'bath'! Oh no! I was so dirty after jumping in the lake and running around the park, I had to get cleaned up. Luna and I went in the bath together which was ok I suppose. 

When we went back to Nicholas' house, I had my tea and we played and watched some TV. At bedtime, they said 'Night, night' to me and gave me my bedtime biscuit. So I bet you think I went straight to sleep? Oh no - sleepovers are far too much fun to go straight to sleep, so I cried and shouted and they got me out of my crate again. Haha, this was a good game. Eventually, I managed to persuade them to let me sleep on the bed instead of my crate - I hope they don't tell Mrs. Gray! I've had such a lovely day though.

Wednesday 29th January

Well today didn't start off so well, yet another meeting! (yawn) Things got a bit better later though. I went to visit Year 1 and they were making some beautiful masks. They told me they had been learning about The Chinese New Year and a lady had shown them all how to make some Chinese masks. They were doing some beautiful colouring in and they had made some amazing beards to put on their masks. I was pleased to see the beards as I am busy growing my beard too!

When I went back to my office I had a little nap, but when I woke up, one of my friends had come to see me and she brought me a lovely surprise - a new toy to play with! She told me her mammy had noticed the other day I was chewing Mrs Gray's carpet, so she bought me a toy to chew instead. (well, nobody told me I wasn't supposed to chew carpets?) 

We played with my toy for a long time - I love it! She pulled it and I pulled it, then she threw it for me to fetch and I brought it back! We had great fun. Wasn't she kind?

At lunchtime I had to go into the Dining Hall to see what everyone was getting up to at lunchtime. I have never been in there before as usually I am not allowed. I still wasn't allowed to stand on the floor and no-one was allowed to stroke me - it was all a bit strange.

Never mind, the boys and girls looked like they were having a lovely lunch, it made me feel quite hungry. What was really good though, was that I heard all the boys and girls saying 'Thank you' to the grown-ups when they gave them something to eat - wasn't that polite? I'm so glad my boys and girls have lovely manners.

After I had my lunch - which didn't smell quite as nice as the boys' and girls' lunch - I went to see what Year 4 were doing. They had been learning about the Chinese New Year too and the lady was teaching them something very tricky called origami. They were all concentrating really hard so I didn't stay too long. (I had to leave anyway as Miss Bowser has a big beanbag that attacked me when Mrs Gray wasn't looking!)

Then I went back to Year 1 to see them with their masks on. At first they looked a bit scary but Miss Fenwick let me sit beside her so I wasn't scared! 

Sunday 26th January

I've just realised I haven't written my diary for a few days - oops! The trouble is, I get so busy I just forget. Or at least I remember at night, but Mrs Gray says I am just trying to put off going to bed? As if I would do that!

Anyway, when I got to school on Thursday, Miss McGeary had brought me another present - a lovely new coat! She knew I had grown out of my last one, so now I have a fabulous new pink one. I loved it so much I didn't want to take it off, in fact I fell asleep wearing it!

Later on,  I heard Mrs Gray say there was going to be another meeting, so I went to the Office to see if they could look after me instead. Mrs Kane said I could stay with her and she gave me lovely snuggles. I was having a great time in the Office as lots and lots of people kept popping in to see me, but then Mrs Gray said I was starting to show off, so I had to go home...

This morning I went to the beach again, there were so many dogs there out for a walk I got to play with lots of them. I met a very, very big dog! He was so big I thought he must be about a hundred, but his daddy said he was only eight months old - just a puppy like me! Lucy tried to take a photograph of us both, but I think I got lost behind him.

After our walk, we went for a cup of coffee ( well I got dog treats) and look who I bumped into when we came out! Lucy thinks I am a famous puppy as everywhere we go someone shouts, 'Maggie!' 

Nicholas came to see me later this afternoon and he wanted to see if my coat he bought me for Christmas fitted me yet. I was just settling for a snooze so I couldn't really be bothered to try it on. I showed him my shocked face but it didn't make any difference, I still had to try the coat on. It is still a little bit big for me I think. I wasn't very impressed so I went and hid under the settee! 

Wednesday 22nd January

 This morning I had to go to school quite early, so I had to eat my breakfast quickly. I had Weetabix and my special milk - delicious! 

When I got to work I was a bit disappointed as I had to go to a meeting... it went on for a long time and I didn't really know what they were talking about? Miss Merrin kept smiling at me though so that made me feel better!

Later on, I found a new toy. I think Mrs Adams was going to do something with it, but I 'borrowed' it before she had the chance! Mrs Gray told me it is called a football. Well, my ears pricked up when I heard the word 'ball' but this was different - I couldn't fit it in my mouth? Then I remembered all the football games I have watched with Nicholas - I had forgotten that I already know how to play football! I spent ages practising dribbling and passing in my office then later on, one of my friends (who is really good at football) came to play with me.I think I impressed him with my skills! 

Sunday 19th January

I have done so many things for the first time this weekend! On Saturday, Nicholas and Caitlin took me on a Cockapoo Walk in Whitley Bay. It was such fun, there were so many cockapoos there to play with - old ones, young ones, brown, black, cream and apricot ones. Some that were bouncy like me and some that were quieter. Nicholas let me run off the lead and I was a good girl and ran back everytime he called me.

As I'd been such a good girl, he and Caitlin took me for something special. It was very strange, creamy and white but ever so cold on my tongue. They told me it is called ice-cream (and told me not to tell Mrs Gray as little puppies are not really supposed to have ice-cream!) It was so delicious though - the only problem was, it gets all over your fur - even your ears! I wonder if that happens to boys and girls too?

This morning, Mr and Mrs Gray and Lucy took me in the car to a place called Gibside. It was really cold and frosty on the ground, but I didn't mind. I wasn't allowed to come off my lead today, but I did have my special long lead that lets me run a long way.

I loved Gibside, there were so many twisty, turning pathways to run along and so many wonderful piles of crunchy leaves to jump in! We walked up steep paths, then ran down the other side, I had a great time. We met lots of other dogs out for their walks too. When we had walked for a long time, we went to a cafe at the Stables. It was a special cafe because dogs were allowed to go inside too. I was very glad because I really needed a drink of water after all that walking!

When we got back to the car, Mrs Gray told me I had walked more than 4 kilometres (whatever that means?) She said that was very good for a little girl who is only five months old. I bet you can imagine what I did as soon as I got in the car....

Friday 17th January

 Today I did something for the first time - I went to the Groomers. Mrs Gray and Lucy took me in the car and I met the nice lady who was going to make me look even more beautiful!

I was a bit worried because Mrs Gray and Lucy went away and left me there but I needn't have worried because I had a nice time. I was brushed, bathed, blow dried and had my fur and claws trimmed! When Mrs Gray came back the lady told her I had been a little angel, so I am definitely going back there again! 

Look at my before and after photograph - it made us all laugh but I think I look very smart with my new bow tie! 

Thursday 16th January

 This morning I went to Year 4 to listen to a lady from the Dogs Trust. She was teaching all my boys and girls (and their teachers) all about the safe way to behave around dogs. I listened carefully too as I wanted to make sure I was behaving well! Before the lady went home, I heard her telling Mrs Gray how wonderful the children in my school are. She said she had never met such well behaved children before. (well, I could have told her that!) 

As it wasn't quite time for my lunch, Mrs Gray gave me a carrot to chew on - I do love carrots! They are really good for my teeth too. My lunchtime walk was a bit shorter today because we went to have a little play in my garden! I had a great time fetching my ball. Mrs Gray seems to think I don't quite have the hang of Fetch yet though - am I supposed to give the ball back?

After lunch I had a little nap. As it turned out I was glad I had a chance to rest. When all the boys and girls had gone home, some Year 6 boys and girls came to my office. You wouldn't believe what they were doing....factors...percentages...inverse somethings...?? It all made my brain hurt and I rang my bells to see if I could go home but Mrs Gray and Mrs Lipscombe said I had a job to do helping Year 6 - gulp! I can see I have some homework to do...

Wednesday 15th January

I had another busy day in school today. This morning I went to watch 2x practising their worship for Friday. It was really good - there were some aliens in it! We did have to have a little chat about using their big voices though , I told them that puppies like to hear everything really clearly!

At lunchtime I went for another nice walk with some of my friends from Year 5. I was a very good girl for them. In the afternoon I went home to play with Lucy because Mrs Gray had a meeting - I think she thought I might get in the way??

Tuesday 14th January

I am so glad - yesterday I got to go back to school! It was so nice to see all my boys and girls - everyone said they thought I had grown a lot since they saw me last! I spent a long time going round reminding myself of all the smells! In the afternoon one of my friends came to read me a story all about two Celt boys and how they saved their village from the Romans. It was a really exciting story, so exciting I fell asleep...Woops! Actually I was so excited to be back, I didn't sleep much all day so I was really tired when I got home.

Today, when I got to my office, I found Mr Young had put up a new gate for me. It is really good because I can see everyone who goes past the door, but it keeps me safe inside! I had fun saying hello to everyone who walked past.

At lunchtime two of my friends helped to take me for a walk. They found a great big stick for me to follow - unfortunately Mrs Gray wouldn't let me bring it back into school for some reason?

Next I had to go and help 1x do PE. They told me they had been looking at how animals walk very quietly so Mr Warnock and I showed them all how it was done, then they had to copy. They tried really hard and I think they were very good (but not as good as me!) 

After PE, I went to visit Year 4 who were learning about the Romans. I did a quick check to make sure they were all listening carefully and doing their very best handwriting too. I saw some really good work and heard some very interesting facts - I think I am going to be such a clever puppy!

After work I came home to see Lucy. She asked me what I had been doing today, but all I could do was curl up on her lap and zzzzzzz!

Sunday 12th January

Well today started off really well. Mr and Mrs Gray took me in the car to the beach at Seaburn. When I got there, they told me I was going to join my very first Cockapoo Walk. I wasn't quite sure what that was, until I looked around. There were just MILLIONS of cockapoos! Well... maybe not millions but I have never seen so many all together at once! I had such a great time meeting new friends, running and jumping and playing. I got a bit tired though and Mr Gray said I had to go back on my lead as I was getting a bit silly...

Afterwards Mrs Gray said I had been a very good puppy really and she gave me a new toy. I really wanted to play with it, but I just couldn't seem to keep my eyes open...

After such a good day, it came as a nasty shock when I heard Mrs Gray and Lucy say 'Bathtime!'

I really, really do not like going in the bath! 

Saturday 11th January

 Good news! I went to see the Vet on Friday. I had to wait a little while because there was a very poorly dog that the Vet had to look after, I think they had swallowed something nasty. Anyway, when the Vet had made them better, it was my turn.She looked at me, felt my tummy and weighed me and then told Mrs Gray that I can go back to school next week! I was so excited I nearly wagged my tail right off! She says I have to eat a little bit more and get a bit heavier by the next time I see her, so I'm hoping that means cake? Ice-cream? (only joking!) 

Today I went to the beach with Caitlin. Her friend brought her dog too but I was very sad because he didn't like me - he wouldn't let me play with him at all.Never mind, Mrs Gray says I am going somewhere tomorrow where there will be lots and lots of puppies and dogs to play with so I'm looking forward to that!

Monday 6th January

Today has been a funny sort of day - I've been a little bit sad, but then very happy!

This morning started off as a sad day - I saw Mrs Gray putting her school coat on and I got excited thinking I was going to work. Then she told me that because I have had a poorly tummy, I'm not allowed to go to school until the Vet says I'm better... So I stayed at home with Lucy. She took me for a nice walk and then she said that even though I couldn't go to school, I still had to do some hard work! We spent a long time practising some of the new things I have been learning. I have got a really good new game that makes my brain work really hard. Lucy hides one of my favourite treats (cheese!) in it, then I have to use my nose to try and find it. It's really good fun and I always find it!

When Mrs Gray came home tonight I was really happy to see her, but even happier when she showed me what she had brought for me. Some of my boys and girls had written a special book - all about me! Mrs Gray is going to read it to me when I go to bed. Then, even better, two of my friends from school have made me some very special dog biscuits! Mrs Gray let me have one tonight and they are absolutely delicious! I wanted to eat them all at once, but for some reason she wouldn't let me? Maybe tomorrow...

Saturday 4th January

Happy New Year everyone! I've been having a very busy time again, playing with some of my new toys and meeting new  and old friends!

On New Year's Eve I got a bit scared when I went out for my walk. Some very loud bangs started to go off - Mr Gray said they were fireworks, but I didn't like them. Mrs Gray told me the next day that lots more fireworks went off when the New Year arrived, but I didn't hear them as I was fast asleep in my crate!

On New Year's day, I went for a long drive with Mr and Mrs Gray, James and Grace. We went to a place called Seahouses and we met so many dogs! We went to visit Mrs Gray's cousin in her caravan and I met two friends called Billy and Blue. ( I think Billy was a bit scared of me!) 

Today, I went to Nicholas' house again to watch the football - I think I am starting to understand it a little bit? Later on, we went to Caitlin's house to see my friend Millie - I gave her lots of kisses I was so pleased to see her. After that, Nicholas and Caitlin took me to the beach with my friend Ralph. I had such a lovely time, but now I am a very tired puppy - I really need a long ...zzzzzzzz

Maggie's Moments 2019 
Thursday 7th November
Gotcha Day!
I've had such a busy day today, it's all been very strange! This afternoon I met Mrs. Gray, Mr. Scott and Lucy. Mrs. Gray took me outside - something very wet was falling on to me, she said it was called rain? Anyway, then I went for a very long ride in Mr. Scott's car. I was a very good girl - well except for when I did a wee on Mrs. Gray's knee! She just laughed though and Mr. Scott said he didn't mind.
Now I have come to live in Mrs Gray's house and I am having a lovely time. I met my new friends Maisie and George, Lucy says they are cats. I really want to play with them but they just keep running away? Maybe soon....
Now I am really tired, I am going to go and have a very long sleep (well, Mrs Gray hopes I will!) I wonder what new things I will learn tomorrow? Night night! 

Friday 8th November

I've had another exciting day today. It started very early - at 5 o'clock! Mrs Gray said that was alright 'cos I went to bed at half past ten and didn't cry or anything! Today Mrs Gray and Lucy have been teaching me how to ring some bells every time I want to go for a wee? It seems very strange to me, but it makes them very happy when I go outside so I've been trying really hard. I think I've been pretty good at it as they've given me lots of treats - yummy!

I spent a long time playing with my new toys this morning and that made me so tired I had to have a long nap before my lunch. After lunch Mrs Gray and Lucy took me to a big shop to buy some more food for my tea. The shop smelled very funny to me and I was a bit scared. We got a new toy though and a lovely new bandana for me to wear. 

Tonight I got a lovely surprise - a lady called Mrs Tooley came to visit me and she brought her big girl Megan too. Megan has lovely long hair and I had such fun playing with it! I think I must have got really tired from all the playing though 'cos when I woke up they had gone! I hope they come and see me again - Mrs Tooley says she has lots of boys and girls that I can meet when I am a bit bigger. I wonder if they all live in her house?

Saturday 9th November

Today I was mostly sleeping.....and sleeping.....and sleeping.....

It's hard work being a little puppy!

 Sunday 10th November

Today I spent a lot of time playing with all my new toys. I have some that squeak when I bite them, I really like them! I think my favourite toy is Mr Tiger - I brought him with me when I came to live in Mrs Gray's house. This morning I wanted to make sure that no-one else played with my toys, so I spent a long time dragging them all out of the toy box and into my den! (Even though some of them are almost bigger than me!) 

This afternoon, Mrs Gray and Lucy took me to visit one of their friends called Peggy. She gave me lovely cuddles and said she thought I was beautiful - I liked her! Peggy is 101 years older than me - she used to have a little dog so she was very pleased to meet me.

I was a bit tired tonight. George and Maisie still don't want to be my friend, although George did come and have a look at me today. Lucy says she is going to teach me how to do something new tomorrow - I wonder what that will be? 

Monday 11th November

Wait 'til you see what I learned how to do this morning! I was playing with my toys after my breakfast, when all of a sudden.... I rolled over! I did! It was such fun I decided to do it again! The second time I got a bit stuck but I'm going to keep practising.

Lucy has been trying to teach me my name - I think I am supposed to look at her every time she says 'Maggie'? At least, when I did that today she gave me a yummy treat, so I might do it again I think.

This afternoon was the best of all though - I went out to visit the park for the first time. I am not allowed to walk on the ground yet, so Lucy carried me in my blanket. I saw so many leaves on the ground, I really wanted get down and snuffle them all but Lucy says I have to wait until I am a bit bigger. It was really windy and it made my ears fly out - I didn't like that bit so much. In the park I met a big dog called Beau; he was very pleased to see me and he jumped up to say hello. I was a very good girl though and I just smiled at him. I'm not scared of big dogs, I'm a brave puppy! 

The only thing that happened today that I didn't like was when I had to wear something called a lead. I tried and tried to get it off, but Mrs Gray and Lucy said I have to keep it on when I go for lovely walks. Grrrr!  

Tonight they told me I have been such a good girl today, that something very exciting is going to happen tomorrow - I wonder what that might be...?


Tuesday 12th November

 Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! What a day I have had! This morning I got into the car with Mrs Gray and Lucy - they told me I was going to something called 'work'? That didn't sound much fun, but when I got there it was SO good.

At first lots of grown-ups came to see me and Mrs Tate gave me lots of kisses and snuggles. Then I went into my 'office' and lots of boys and girls came to see me! it was great, they told me all about their dogs and other pets - I learned lots! 

At playtime I was allowed to go into the staffroom as it was a special occasion - Mrs Nixon's birthday! All the teachers sang Happy Birthday to her - it made my ears hurt a bit! Then they all started talking about things that little puppies don't find interesting so I just curled up and went to sleep on Mrs Dowson's knee! 

 I was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but Mrs Gray said we had to hurry as I had to go somewhere else very important. We got in the car again and she drove me to a place called The Vet's. We had to sit and wait for a little while and a great big dog came up to say hello to me. I wanted to get down and play with him, but Lucy said I'm not allowed to yet.

The vet lady was so nice - she looked at me very carefully to check I was nice and healthy. I had to sit on some scales so she could see how heavy I am now I'm getting to be a big girl. She had a special machine called a scanner that she held over my back. She told me I have something called a microchip under my fur - if I get lost it would help everyone to get me back to Mrs Gray. Then the vet asked Mrs Gray to hold me very still - she said,"I don't think Maggie is going to like this." She gave me an injection to make sure I don't get poorly. I got a bit of a shock when she did it, but I didn't fact I went to sleep!

The vet said I was a very good girl and she is looking forward to seeing me again soon. Best of all, she said that next week I can go out for some lovely walks! Then it was time for me to go home. I was so tired after my busy morning, I went straight to sleep in the car and had a big long sleep at home too! Today was such a lovely day....

Wednesday 13th November

Hello! I had to go to work again today, Mrs Gray said I had some important jobs to do. When I got there, Mr Young had put a special gate in front of my office door - I think this was to stop me going exploring! It didn't work though, as I ran straight through the gate - Mr Young said he's going to have another think...

My first job was to say hello to all the boys and girls coming into Cleadon Owls. I was very busy but I really enjoyed this job. Next, I had an important meeting with a visitor. I tried hard to be good but I discovered he had put his bag under the table - it was so yummy to chew!

When the visitor had gone, I had lots and lots of books to look at from the boys and girls in Years 5 and 6. I looked very carefully to see if they were doing their best handwriting and trying hard to get all their spellings right - most of them were, but I think I might have to have a word (or woof) with one or two of them. While I was doing this, I sneaked under the table and took Mr Scott's shoelaces out of his shoes!!

All of this hard work made me a bit tired so I had a little sleep in my bed. Later, Miss Bowser came to look after me while Mrs Gray had to go somewhere else. She and I practised my 'sit' - she thought I was very clever. While Mrs Gray was out, Mrs Tate came in and gave me some treats in a special puzzle game two of my new friends had brought. She told me not to tell Mrs Gray I was having all the treats! 

I made lots more new friends today, one of them brought his fantastic writing along to show me, I really enjoyed listening to what he had written. This morning was all very tiring for a little puppy,  so I came home for a long snooze.

Tonight something happened that I didn't like very much - Mrs Gray and Lucy put me into some water and put something bubbly onto my fur! They said it would make me lovely and clean and make me smell nice, but I wasn't very happy. When they were finished though, they did wrap me in a nice warm towel and now I am lovely and warm and fluffy again.

Tomorrow I think I will try and learn something else new; the boys and girls at my school are so clever, I need to try and keep up with them! Night, night! 

Thursday 14th November

I've had quite a quiet day today, I stayed at home with Lucy and we have been practising me listening to her carefully! I needed to get lots of rest because I am going to work again tomorrow!

The other day I made a new friend who has the same name as me! Tomorrow I am going to practise my new puzzle game again too!


Friday 15th November

Phew! I'm glad I had a good rest yesterday - I've really been working hard today! This morning I have practised my sitting again; I'm getting really good at it - sometimes I sit and wait for a long time! (Sometimes I just run round in a circle chasing my tail though...) 

Lucy took me out for a little walk - well carry, as I'm not allowed to walk on the ground just yet. I said hello to the dog who lives in the house next door to me. He's called Bobby. He's a very old dog and he can't see very well any more, so I go up close to him so that he knows it's me! I didn't really like going outside this morning, it was so cold and windy I was shivering when I got home again.

This afternoon was much better. Mrs Gray said I was going to work. I get very excited when I see her putting her school coat on 'cos I know that means we are going in the car! When I got to work though, it was very strange - everyone was wearing their pyjamas! I think they must have forgotten to put their clothes on today, how silly! Mrs Gray put a lovely bandana on me, it had spots all over it. I quite liked it but she made me take it off because I kept chewing it...

Next I went to visit the boys and girls in the Reception classes. I haven't been there before and I was a bit worried it might be scary! It wasn't! They were all as quiet as little mice. I remembered my best puppy manners and made sure I said hello to everyone. (I even gave Sophia some puppy kisses!) All the children were so nice, they stroked me gently and threw my ball for me to chase. I like it in Reception, I hope Mrs Gray says I can go there again.

My next job this afternoon was to go and have afternoon tea with Mr Scott and some of the boys and girls who have been really, really good. I sat on Mr Scott's knee and there was a lovely big and creamy jam scone right under my nose - yum! Mr Scott said little puppies are not allowed creamy jam scones though and he moved it away - can you believe it?! I was just thinking that afternoon tea was not much fun, when the boys and girls got out my new puzzle game again and I found some delicious puppy treats inside it! 

The boys and girls had to go and get ready to go home, but I told them I would wave goodbye to them out of Mrs Gray's window. Lots and lots of boys and girls waved to me - I was so tired Mrs Foster had to put me down on my blanket for a long sleep!

I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight, Mrs Gray says we have got another busy day tomorrow- night, night!

Saturday 16th November

 This morning I learned how to do something called 'housework'? It was great fun, chasing the vacuum cleaner, stealing all the dusters and trying to chew the cushions. The very best bit though, was helping Mrs Gray to change all the beds - it was just the best fun ever! I really don't know why she says next time I have to wait in my crate while she does it...?

This afternoon I went back to the big pet shop, it wasn't as scary this time and the people in the shop were all lovely and friendly. Mrs Gray says I have to get ready for going out for big girl walks next week, so I got to choose a new harness! I didn't really like wearing it though, so I think I'm going to have to practise that a bit.

Tonight, Lucy's brother Nicholas and lots of their friends came round to see me. They all said I was beautiful, so I think they are nice friends to have! They were all going to something called a party - I thought that sounded like the sort of thing a little puppy might like, but they didn't take me with them. I was sad for a bit, but then I went to sleep!

Tomorrow, Mrs Gray says I am going to see Mr Gray. He has been to a place called Canada, so I think he is going to get a big surprise when he finds me living in his house! Mrs Gray says I met him when I was a very little puppy, but I don't think I can remember that? I'm going to show him all the things I have learned to do and what a clever girl I am! 

Sunday 17th November

I wasn't very well this morning, I think I had a bit of a poorly tummy. I went outside to play for a little bit, but I soon came in and just played quietly with my toys. 

One of Mrs Gray's friends came to see me at lunchtime and I just curled up on her knee and went to sleep. I did hear her talking about me - she said I was smaller than I look in my photographs! I don't know what she means, I'm a very big puppy! 

This afternoon, Mr Gray came home! He's been to a place called Canada and he brought me a lovely present back with him. He brought toys for George and Maisie too.

Speaking of George and Maisie....I think they are starting to get a bit more used to me being here. Maisie came in to see me in my crate last night when I was going to bed, I think she wanted to play with my toys! Today, George came to see me too. I was so happy. I wagged my tail and started to bounce a bit as I thought we were going to play? Sadly, I think George was a bit frightened of my bouncing and he ran away upstairs! Mrs Gray says little puppies are not allowed upstairs, so I can't go and find out what George and Maisie do up there - I'm going to when I'm bigger though! 

Monday 18th November

I've been busy again today practising "Fetch" with my ball, I'm getting very good except sometimes I won't give the ball back!

I've had another try at walking with my lead. Lucy is no fun - she says I'm not supposed to chew it, I'm supposed to walk along sensibly? Mrs Gray says Mr Scott is going to show me how to walk nicely tomorrow and that I have to behave myself...

I was a very good puppy eating all my food up today - Lucy gave me a super chewy bone to play with as a treat. She was a bit cross with me later though - by mistake I had a little wee on her dressing gown! I had a short nap but Lucy woke me up by laughing - she said I had gone to sleep in such a funny position? Well I was comfortable! 

Brr, it was so cold outside today I was shivering! When Mrs Gray came home though, I got a lovely surprise - Miss McGeary had given her a lovely jumper to keep me nice and warm! I think I look very smart in it. I'm going to wear it to go to work tomorrow! 

Tuesday 19th November

 Well today there have been good parts and some....not so good parts! I got up nice and early, had my breakfast and put my new jumper on. (Mrs Gray warmed the car up before I got in as it was so cold this morning!)

When I got to work I started to say hello to all the Owls children that were coming in, but then I decided I would go and play with them in the Social Display Area too. Wow! I have never seen such a big area before - so much space for a little puppy to run! I had a lovely time running and fetching my ball, when suddenly I noticed something very interesting on the floor! Something big and green and crinkly, I think Mrs Gray said it was a paper Christmas tree? Well, I thought it looked delicious so I ran straight over and took a big bite of it and ran away again. Uh oh! Big mistake... Everyone shouted, 'Maggie!' and Mrs Gray took the delicious part of the tree straight out of my mouth. So I ran over again and got a shiny blue piece of paper - it was yummy! Mrs Johnson tried to get it out of my mouth, but it was too late.... I think Mrs Gray was a little bit cross, I hope she lets me visit Owls again...

I spent the rest of the morning with Mr Scott, he let me have a little snooze and then I went to visit the children in Year 2 - they were very nice. They stroked me gently and told me I was cute! I hope I can visit their classrooms again.

While Mr Scott was looking after me, a lady visitor came to see me. Her name was Kate and she told me she is an author. I wonder if she is as good a writer as I am? She wanted a picture of me before she left, so I think she must have been pleased to see me? 

I came home for my lunch and then Lucy helped me write out some of my Christmas cards. I was very tired after all that hard work, so I had a big long sleep. 

Tonight I played with a really really good toy, I don't know what it was but it was great fun!



Wednesday 20th November

Oh wow, oh wow! I think today has just been the best day ever! (I know I keep saying that, but things just keep on getting better!) This afternoon, Lucy put my new harness on (that I don't like) and fastened on my lead ( that I really don't like) and made me go outside! 

At first I was very scared - it was so noisy in the street! I saw a man with a great big parcel, he took it into a house over the road to me, then he got into a very big white van. I didn't know who he was, but I really like to meet people so I wagged my tail like mad and he waved back at me! 

Lucy kept on asking me to walk with her, but it was really scary for a little puppy. My legs went all stiff and I was shivering a bit. So Lucy picked me up and she took me over to somewhere called 'The Park'. 

When we got there, she put me down on the ground and let me have a sniff around. Oh my paws!! I have never seen so many leaves - they were crinkly and crunchy and just wonderful! I wanted to stay there for ever as I thought I had better inspect every leaf in the park - just in case I missed a really good one, but Lucy said little puppies are not allowed to go for very long walks. 

I met my friend Beau again, he was very surprised to see me walking on the ground, but I told him it was because I am a big girl now. He was with his mammy and daddy, they gave me a snuggle! 

We were on our way back home, when I discovered just the best thing ever - MUD! It smelled so good and it felt so soft and squelchy! It was really funny too 'cos it made my paws turn a different colour? Lucy says she doesn't know what Mrs Gray will say when she sees them...

I think I like going out for a walk - Lucy says I can go for lots and lots of them! I'm such a lucky puppy! 

Thursday 21st November

I went to the park again this morning, it was lovely but I didn't see any of my friends there today. I had to go home quite quickly to have my lunch as I was going to work in the afternoon.

When I got to my office, I had a little sleep first. Mr Scott has made me a sign for my door that lets everyone know I am asleep. It's very important for little puppies to get their sleep you know! 

When I woke up, some of the children from Nursery came to visit me - they only stayed for a short time as we all got a bit excited!

Mrs Gray took me to listen to Year 4 singing - I think they were singing something about some shepherds washing their socks? Anyway, it was such lovely singing I tried to join in but I don't think Mrs Gray was too impressed with my singing!

Next I went to say hello to the boys and girls in 1x - I had a fun time exploring their classroom, but then it was time for a nap again!

Mrs Gray had an important meeting, so Mr Gray came to take me home. I was very sleepy, but before I went, one of my new friends brought me a new toy - I really loved it. The boys and girls at my school are so kind, I'm so glad I am allowed to go and see them all the time! 


Friday 22nd November

What a day of adventures I have had! This afternoon Lucy put my lead on me, so I thought we were going out for one of our walks. However, we walked straight past the park and went to wait at something called a bus stop. After a little while, a really, really big car with lots and lots of seats in it stopped beside us. Lucy walked onto this strange car and we sat down on a seat. I must have been looking a bit puzzled, 'cos Lucy told me this was not a car - it was called a bus! We had a nice ride on the bus, but soon we had to get off.

When we had got off the bus, we walked along the path to Lucy's friend's house. Little did I know what was about to happen! Lucy opened the door as her friend was at work - but there was someone else in the house! A little black dog came out to meet us! Her name was Molly; I was very excited to meet her and I kept running around in circles! Molly is 14 so she is not a puppy anymore - I don't think she wanted to run around in circles really...

Anyway, Lucy opened the back door to let us out to play in the garden, I had a great time, doodle dashing all over the place! Suddenly, I saw something very interesting, lots and lots of shiny, rippling water. I dashed over, took a big jump and Splash! - I landed right in the middle of the garden pond! I don't think Lucy was very pleased as she ran over looking very worried. Actually, it wasn't as nice as I thought it was going to be - it was really wet and cold and I started shivering! Lucy picked me up, ran indoors and wrapped me up in a big towel. I don't think Molly was very impressed with me either!. After all that excitement, I needed a long nap until Mr Gray came to take me home.

When Mrs Gray came home, she took one look at me and said 'I think she's going to need another bath!" Oh no.....

Saturday 23rd November

I had a lovely lazy morning - a lovely lie in then just some quiet playing with my toys. I was such a good girl that Mrs Gray said she had a surprise for me - a lovely new bed! I just loved it and jumped straight into it for a little snooze. Later, Mr Gray and Lucy took me out to the park - it was raining so hard I got really wet, even with my new raincoat on! 

Unfortunately, my lovely morning was spoiled after that - Lucy decided she was going to put something horrible in my mouth! She said it was to clean my teeth, but I mean... I have lovely sharp white teeth - what was she thinking about?

Never mind, Nicholas and his friend Caitlin came to see me this afternoon. Then I noticed Mrs Gray had packed my special bag with toys and treats? I was going somewhere! Nicholas put me in his car and I sat on Caitlin's knee - I wondered where we were going?

When we got out of the car, Nicholas told me I was going to meet a new friend called Millie. I was so excited, I love meeting new friends. When we got inside the house I saw Millie - she was very big! She was very nice though and let me play with her, until I started biting her tail then she walked away. When I couldn't eat all my tea, Millie helped me finish it. I think I'm so lucky to have so many friends - people friends and dog friends! 

Sunday 24th November

I went for a nice walk with Mr Gray this morning - I got a little bit tired though, so he had to carry me back!

This afternoon, I went out with Lucy and some of her friends - they took me to something called a beach! I just loved it! My friend Molly came too. Lucy put my special long lead on so that I could just run and run. The sand felt so strange underneath my paws, but it was so soft to walk on. There were lots and lots of other dogs on the beach. I even met a dog who is the same as me! Well, he was a cockapoo, but a different colour and a little bit older than me. We had great fun, running and chasing but all of a sudden I got very tired. Lucy picked me up and put me inside her coat.

Lucy and her friends went for a cup of coffee to warm them up, but Molly and I just stayed wrapped up on their cosy knees!

When I came home I was so tired, I needed another very long nap. I seem to do a lot of that...

Monday 25th November

Well today I got a new job - I've been a nurse! Mrs Gray and Lucy are both poorly so I've had to look after them all day! I've been a very good girl though; I've been cheering them up lots.

This afternoon, they had run out of something called 'medicine', so we had to go for a walk to get some more. I forgot to be a good girl on the walk - when Lucy tried to pick me up I kept running away! The trouble was, there were so many lovely, squidgy and wet leaves for me to play with (and try to eat!) There was also lots of that lovely mud stuff!

When we got back into the house, my paws had gone that funny colour again, so Lucy and Mrs Gray had to put me in the bath... I wonder if I promise to be a really, really good girl they will never put me in the bath again? Never mind, I'm all lovely and fluffy again now, I'd better get back to being Nurse Maggie!

Friday 29th November

I had quite a quiet morning today, Mrs Gray took me for a little walk in the park. We saw Beau again, we played jumping around for a little bit. It was very cold though, so I wanted to go home! When we got home, I went into my crate for a while to play with my toys and have a little nap!

This afternoon, Lucy and Mrs Gray put me in the car and we went to a place called 'the hairdressers'? There were some very strange things there - I had no idea what they might be for! I sat on Mrs Gray's knee while Lucy got her hair all cut off! At first I wasn't very sure about that at all, but when I saw how nice she looked, I thought it would be something I could do too? Mrs Gray said little puppies don't go to the hairdressers, but when I am a bit bigger I might go somewhere like that that is just for dogs - I wonder what that will be like? 

All the ladies in the hairdressers were lovely and friendly - they all said I was a beautiful girl too so I think I might go back there again too!

Tonight Mrs Gray says we are getting a special visitor, but he might come after I have gone to bed. I will just have to wait until tomorrow to find out who it is! 

Sunday 1st December

I've had another busy weekend. When I got up on Saturday morning, there was someone else in the house! I knew because there were some shoes in the hall that I have never smelled before! Mrs Gray told me that late on Friday night, Lucy and Nicholas' brother James had come all the way from London to see me!

When he came downstairs I thought I had better be really, really nice to him as he had come such a long way, so I gave him lots and lots of puppy kisses. I think he liked them, even though he kept on laughing and saying that they tickled?

I spent the afternoon playing with James and Mr Gray - Mrs Gray and Lucy were nowhere to be seen. I heard Mr Gray say they had gone to do some secret 'Christmas' things, but I really don't know what that means at all? By the time Mrs Gray got back, it was time for me to go to bed!

This morning, Mrs Gray and I got up early and we watched something called 'Strictly'. I'm not really sure what it was all about, but I did like the lovely music and watching everybody twirling around. I think I could do that!

Later on, Lucy, James and his friend Grace and Nicholas and Caitlin played with me again. I went in the car later to see my friend Molly. You'll never guess what? When I got there, we were wearing matching jumpers! I thought that was very exciting, but Molly didn't seem very impressed...

Tomorrow I have got to get up early and go to work. Mrs Gray says I am going to have my breakfast with someone very, very special...

Monday 2nd December

 When I got to school this morning, Miss McGeary had brought me some new clothes to wear. She and Mrs Johnson decided I could wear a red sparkly dress today - I think I looked very pretty! It was all a bit strange, because lots and lots of my boys and girls came to school very early and I could tell everyone was very excited about something. 

After a little while, Mrs Gray took me into the Social Display Area - all the boys and girls were having their breakfast! I wondered if maybe they had no breakfast left in their houses this morning? All of a sudden I noticed something - there was an old man talking to the boys and girls as they were having their breakfast. He was dressed in a suit that was the  same colour as  my pretty dress . Mrs Gray must have noticed that I looked a bit puzzled, so she explained to me that his name is Santa. She told me all about Santa and how he brings some presents to very good children on Christmas Eve. I got so excited that Mrs Gray had to take me back to my office for a snooze (that's what happens when I get too excited!)

When I opened my eyes again, you'll never guess who was standing right in front of me? Yes, it was Santa! He was so lovely, he and I had a long chat about all the things my boys and girls are hoping he will bring them at Christmas. Then he asked me what I would like him to bring me! I got really excited then - I didn't know Santa comes for little puppies too! Santa said that if I keep on being a really good girl, he might just bring me a special surprise - wasn't that kind? Just before he disappeared,  he told me that I will see him again tomorrow, so I'm going to go to bed early so that I don't sleep in! 

Tuesday 3rd December

After I saw Santa again this morning, Mrs Gray took me outside for a little play. Did you know I have my very own special garden? It has more leaves and twigs in it than I have ever seen, I had such a lovely time running and playing. In fact, I had such a lovely time I had to go back inside for a bit of a sit down I was so tired!

Once I'd had a little rest, a new friend came to meet me. He brought his mammy too and we had a long talk about lots of things. He knew lots of things about puppies and what we do - he said he will come and see me again soon, that will be fun!

After another nap, Mrs Gray took me to visit some of my big boys and girls. When I got there they were doing some very hard things with numbers, too difficult for a little puppy brain. Maybe when I am a big girl, I will be able to go and help them? When I was there, I heard Mrs Gray telling them about what a good girl I am at home when I need to go for a wee. I go to the back door and bark to let Mrs Gray or Lucy know that I need to go outside. I was feeling very proud, but then I heard her telling them that sometimes I just pretend to have a wee 'cos I know I will get a treat! I don't know what she is talking about, I would never do that!

Wednesday 4th December

Another busy day at work! This morning, I went to visit the boys and girls in Year 3. 3x were very busy doing some writing when I got there - they promised that they might come and read me some of their stories when they finish them. I think they were writing about some monsters though, so I hope the stories are not too scary! In 3y, I made more new friends - one of them even has a cockapoo like me called Maggie! I had a lovely time again - visiting classrooms always makes me very sleepy, so Mrs Gray took me home to Lucy. She said I needed to make sure I had a good rest because we were going out later?

When Mr Gray got home from work, he put me in the car with Mrs Gray and Lucy. We drove a little way, then walked into a big place I'd never been to before. I was a little bit scared - there were lots and lots of other puppies there too! Some of them were much bigger puppies than me and they kept jumping around, so I hid behind Lucy's legs. I didn't want to join in!

Mrs Gray told me not to worry, this was my new Puppy Class. I am going to learn lots and lots of new things there, but tonight I just started to make some new friends. I met Milo the miniature dachshund (he was a bit scared like me), Ruby the Chihuahua, Sadie the Schnoodle, Mila the King Charles Cavalier, Coby the Cockapoo and Finn the Border Terrier. The first game we played was called Pass the Puppy - that made Lucy laugh! We puppies got passed around all the grown ups, just to see if we could be nice and polite. I was of course, I know how to be polite! Then we had to practice 'sit', 'stand' and 'bow'. Well, I'm good at sitting, but Mrs Gray says we will have to work on the others...

At the end of Puppy Class, something exciting happened. The teacher said we were going to take it in turns to not have our leads on so that we could have a good play. I was a bit worried at first but it was good fun, we could run around wherever we wanted! Well, until I jumped on poor Milo... Mrs Gray put me back on my lead then. The teacher told everyone he was putting puppies into two groups and I got put in the 'Boisterous Group'. Mrs Gray says she's not sure if that is a good thing or not...

Thursday 5th November

 Before school started this morning, I went to my little garden to play with two of my new friends from Owls. They threw my ball for me and brought it back (well, most of the time!). I ran and ran and ran - in fact, I ran so much I was quite exhausted and had to go for a nap!

Later this morning, I went to visit Year 4. 4x were so quiet it was hard to believe there was anyone in their classroom! I said hello to everyone and they were still quiet! In 4y, I decided to do a bit of a floor check, just in case they had dropped anything on the floor and not picked it up. I found shiny paper, bits of pencil and lots more interesting things! Miss Bowser had to pick me up and take things out of my mouth, which I wasn't very happy about I can tell you! 

At lunchtime, I went out for my walk with Mrs Gray and Mrs Dowson. I walked for quite a long way and they said I had done very well. When we got back to school I had to go into the staffroom to do another very important job. Mrs Pearson was having a special birthday and it was my job to help her open her present and chew her birthday card...well, maybe not that last bit! I tried to cheer her up when she had to listen to the teachers singing Happy Birthday too. 

After all of this hard work, guess what I did next? Yes - yet another snooze! Mrs Gray says I am getting to be such a big girl she thinks I grow a bit every time I have a sleep!

Friday 6th December

I stayed at home with Lucy today as I was a bit tired. We went for a lovely walk in the park, playing in the mud. Well, I played in the mud, Lucy wouldn't for some reason?

When we got home, Lucy gave me a new toy to play with. She says she is tired of me trying to chew all her shoes, so now I have my very own squeaky shoe! (I'm not sure it tastes as yummy as Lucy's boots though!) 

Later on, when Mrs Gray got home, she and Lucy decided to give me a bath! Oh no! Lucy even got into the bath with me but I just sat on her knee. Mrs Gray said she had two nice and clean girls by the time she was finished! I don't like going in the bath, but I do like feeling soft and fluffy when I am dry again. 

Sunday 8th December

Oh I'm so sleepy! I got up very early this morning, I just wanted to play (even though Mrs Gray asked me to go back to sleep again!) Later in the morning, Nicholas came to pick me up to take me for a day out.

First, we went to visit my friend Molly. I had a lovely time at her house - I think she's getting used to me. We had a little play, then we just chilled for a bit!

After that, I went to Nicholas' house to watch the football. I didn't think I was going to like it, but I ended up watching it all. 

When the football was finished - I think Nicholas was quite pleased with it- we went to meet a new friend called Ralph. At first he didn't really like me talking to his Mammy, but before long we were both running about all over the place. I had a lot of fun!

When I came home, there was a big surprise for me - a new bed! I was so glad to see it as I was so tired. Yawn...I'm off to bed now, night, night!

Monday 9th November

Today I stayed at home with Mr Gray. Mrs Gray said there were lots of noisy things happening at school today that I might not like - I told her that I like noisy things but I still had to stay at home! 

At lunchtime I went for a long walk around the park, then when I got home, Lucy was there! She has been away for the weekend and I missed her. I was so pleased to see her I gave her lots and lots of kisses and did a little Doodle Dance! We played with my toys and then I told her I would guard her slipper for her. I don't think she believed me though...

Tonight I went to visit the vet again. I had to have a special spray to stop me getting something nasty called Kennel Cough. The vet told me it was like when the children at my school had a special spray to stop them getting a really bad cold. I was a very good girl for the vet. She cut my nails, cleaned my ears and weighed me. Would you believe I am 4.28Kg now? She told Mr Gray it is time for me to have my special medicine that stops me getting fleas - I'm glad about that, I don't think I want to catch fleas?

I came home, had my tea, played a bit more and now it's time for bed!

Tuesday 10th December

 I had to go to work this morning - there was a very important meeting and Mrs Gray said I had to meet some very important people! I was a good girl and said hello politely to all the visitors. I didn't stay for the meeting, I went to stay with Mrs Tate and Miss Barrett instead. I think I had far more fun in there -I helped them answer the telephone, meet everyone coming to the Office and wrap up some Christmas presents. Phew - they work hard in the Office, it tired me out! Miss Barrett took me outside for some fresh air though, so I felt better after that.

When Mrs Gray had finished her meeting, I went under her desk (my favourite place) for a little sleep. We went for a walk later, but it was so windy she had to keep picking me up in case I got blown away! On our walk, we met lots of my boys and girls going back to school. They were all wearing very sparkly clothes instead of their smart uniforms, so I was a bit puzzled?

Back at school, I had my lunch and then we went to investigate a great big noise coming from the Social Display Area! When we got there I saw all the boys and girls having something called a party! They all looked lovely in their sparkly dresses, shoes and smart shirts, but it was a bit noisy for me so I went back to my room.

When I got home tonight, Lucy told me I could help her do something called 'the decorations'. I wondered what that was until she opened a big bag full of shiny exciting things, wow! I had such a good time chasing them around the room. I found a new friend too,but he didn't seem to want to play with me? I did try to help Lucy but when I picked up one of the decorations in my mouth I noticed everyone was looking at me... Uh oh! Very soon I found myself in the kitchen with Mr Gray. Apparently little puppies are not very good at decorating! Oh well....

Wednesday 11th December

I stayed at home with Lucy this morning as Mrs Gray was going to church - she says I'm not sensible enough to go there yet! 

After church, Mrs Gray came to pick me up and we went to work. At lunchtime I had a lovely time. Two of my friends in Year 4 helped Mrs Gray to take me for a walk, then we went for a little play in my garden! We had a great time but I was so tired when we went back inside I needed a little sleep.

After my nap Mrs Gray and I went to visit the children in Nursery as they were having their Christmas party. I sat very nicely to play Pass the Parcel, but I didn't win. Next I went to see the boys and girls from Years 5 and 6 at their party. They looked so smart and grown up! I think Christmas parties are a bit noisy for me though, so Mrs Gray and I went back to have a little bit of quiet time in my room.

Tonight I went to Puppy Class again. I was really excited to see all my puppy friends and I did a lot of barking - but I stopped when I saw Mrs Gray didn't look very pleased! A lady called Lauren was teaching me tonight. I had to show what I had practised from last week - I still can't bow very well but she said I tried very hard. After that, Lauren said we were going to do something called 'Recall', I wondered what that could be?

Mr Gray had to take me down to one end of the hall, while Mrs Gray went down to the other. All the other puppies and their grown-ups stood at the side. Mr Gray took my lead off and then Mrs Gray shouted my name. I ran straight to her - I didn't look at anyone else or run to the left or the right. Lauren said I did it the best out of all the puppies and Mrs Gray said I was a star!

At the end of Puppy Class we had playtime - all the puppies were taken off their leads and we were allowed to play anywhere. Last week I got put into the Boisterous Group, but Lauren said she thinks I could be in the Big and Bouncy group and the Quiet group because I played nicely with everyone! Puppy Class is such fun, I can't wait for next week! Mrs Gray said she was very proud of me tonight, I was such a clever girl! 

Sunday 15th December

Well hello! I haven't been able to write my diary for a few days now, as I've been a bit poorly. Mrs Gray went to the vet and they gave me some special medicine and some special food to eat, so hope my tummy will be better soon. I've been staying at home quietly, just trying to get better.

This morning, Mr and Mrs Gray took me down to the beach for a little walk, they said I needed some fresh air! When I got to the beach, they did something a little bit different - they took my lead off and let me go wherever I wanted to go! It was really good fun as there were lots of other dogs on the beach and I had a lovely time playing with them all.

Mrs Gray took me to see something very strange - there was lots of water, but it kept coming towards me then going away again? I was a bit scared and I barked at this strange water. Mrs Gray told me it was nothing to be frightened of - they were just waves! Hmm, I'm still not sure...

When I got a bit tired, we went back towards the park and we went to a place called Minchella's. Mrs Gray and I sat outside and Mr Gray went and got some cups of coffee. He had a bacon sandwich as well, but I wasn't allowed any? Anyway, when we were there, I saw one of the boys from my school and his dog Milo so we went over to say hello.

I was very tired after my trip to the beach, so I came home to have a good rest. Mrs Gray says if I feel a bit better tomorrow I can go to work to see some more boys and girls! 

Monday 16th December

I had such a good sleep last night! When I woke up Mrs Gray said she could tell I was feeling better, so we got ready to go to work. When we got there, I went around to say good morning to everyone as usual. I dashed into the Office to see my friend Mrs Tate, but she wasn't there yet, so I knew I would have to go back later.

Two of my friends from Owls took me out to have a little play in my garden. When I was there I found something really exciting to play with. I don't know what it was but it was a lovely green colour. For some reason though, Mrs Gray and the girls didn't want me to play with it?

After my morning snooze, I went to visit my friends in Year 5. I had a good sniff around 5x's classroom - there were lots of lovely boots and shoes by the door. I thought they had left them there for me to play with, but Mrs Gray whisked me away before I could chew them! In 5y I showed the boys and girls my new trick - they thought I was very clever and gave me a clap! 

At lunchtime, two of my friends from Year 3 helped Mrs Gray to take me for my walk. Then Mr Gray came to take me home for lunch. I was so tired I slept most of the afternoon.

When I was playing with Lucy tonight, I think she got a bit cross because I kept biting her feet and chewing her trousers. I can't help it though, my mouth feels so sore - when I bite on something it makes it feel a bit better. Mrs Gray says that is because I am going to get new teeth soon. I hope it isn't too much longer! 

Thursday 19th December

Well I've been so busy this week I have hardly had time to write anything at all! I stayed at home with Mr Gray on Tuesday, but on Wednesday I went to work again in the afternoon. In my office, there are lots of brightly coloured parcels with my name on. Mrs Gray says I am not allowed to look at them yet - I have to wait until next week for some reason? That's an awfully long time for a little puppy to wait! 

On Wednesday evening it was time to go to puppy class again. This week Lauren was teaching us how to 'stay'. I tried hard at first but there were so many of my friends there, it was really hard to concentrate, I think I will have to practice that at home.

I was having a lovely time playing with all the other puppies, when all of a sudden I got a funny feeling... I needed the toilet! Well, there was no time to tell anyone I needed to go outside so I just decided to go on the floor. Oh dear, I don't think I was supposed to do that! Never mind, Mrs Gray just cleaned it up for me. The funny thing was, then all of my puppy friends decided they needed to go to the toilet too. It was really funny, all the grown-ups were running around cleaning the floor - we puppies just had a secret puppy laugh!

Today - I am four months old! I am getting to be a really big girl now. I went to work today and lots of interesting things were going on. In the morning all the children went into the Hall because some very clever people had won a writing competition! After they had been given their prizes, Mrs Gray started talking about something else. She told everyone that Mrs Foster will not be coming back to school after the holiday. Everyone was bit sad, but they gave her some lovely presents and sang her some songs. Even the teachers sang a song! I wanted to join in too, but I wasn't allowed...

In the afternoon, Mrs Gray had to go somewhere else, so I stayed with Mr Scott. He took me out for a lovely walk with some of my friends from school, then we played. Some visitors came to see me too, so it was a very busy afternoon. By the time Mrs Gray came back, I was snoozing!

Early bed tonight - Mrs Gray says I am going somewhere I have never been before tomorrow - I wonder where that might be?

Friday 20th December

 This morning I got into Mrs Gray's car as usual, but instead of driving to school, she parked outside a building I have never seen before! She explained that it was a very special place called 'church' and that soon all my boys and girls would be coming to join us. We went inside and I waited very quietly. The church was very calm and peaceful inside. There were so many things for me to look at while I waited; beautiful coloured windows, flickering candles, soft cushions, bright lights and of course a very sparkly Christmas tree! 

Before long I heard voices and my boys and girls started to arrive. I went outside to meet them all coming (and also for a quick wee!) When I went back inside the church, I got a big surprise. Everyone had taken off their coats and they were wearing the most colourful Christmas jumpers! They all looked amazing.

Mrs Gray started talking (she does a lot of that!) and she explained what was going to happen. I heard her saying it was my first time ever in a church and that if I got a bit silly no-one was to take any notice! As if I would? I am never silly!

Then the most wonderful thing happened, my boys and girls began to sing. The songs they sang told me such a lovely story, all about the birth of a very special baby. I just sat quietly, listening. I didn't want the singing to end. Some of the children read out some prayers, asking everyone to remember the children who would not be so happy this Christmas - that made me feel a little sad. Mrs Gray told me that the boys and girls in my school have helped some of those children though - how kind they are! 

After church, we all went back to school. I wanted to have a little sleep and think quietly about the story I had heard. Later on, lots of my friends came to see me and now I have lots of shiny parcels that Mrs Gray says I can open next week! 

All my boys and girls went home tonight to have a little holiday - they thought they were going to be able to have a rest, but I have given them all some homework to do!  I hope they all have a lovely, happy Christmas - I will see them all again in the New Year.

Christmas Eve

 I've been doing all sorts of things this week. At the weekend, Lucy, Nicholas and James took me to a party! Their friend Ryan is going to live in Australia so they had a party to say goodbye to him. When we got there, I saw some of the boys and girls from my school! They came over to say hello - that was a lovely surprise. My friend Molly was there too, she was a little bit pleased to see me I think?

Last night I went to another party - my Puppy Class Christmas party! All the puppies had to wear their Christmas jumpers (and their grown-ups too!) All my friends were there, they  looked beautiful! After we had all said hello to each other, Lauren told us we were going to play some party games. The first one was Musical Mats. There were lots of mats on the floor and we had to walk around nicely on our leads. When the music stopped we had to sit on a mat and then 'Stay' until Lauren said we could stand up again. It was really good fun because the mats kept disappearing - I don't know where they went? I was quite good at this game, I came third but my friend Teddy won. He is really good at sitting - in fact he didn't want to get off the mat at all!

The next game was a Ball and Spoon race. Lauren said it was to see how well we could walk on our leads now. Mrs Gray had to balance a ball in a spoon with one hand and hold my lead in the other hand. If the ball dropped off we had to start again. I think Mrs Gray was a bit nervous about this game - sometimes I just won't walk at all when I have my lead on! This sounded like fun though, so I behaved myself and guess what? I won! Lauren gave me a prize of some delicious dried liver - yummy! I had such a good time at the party, but I think I got a little bit too excited at the end. When I started biting my friends jumper I had to have my lead put back on....

Today Lucy took me for a long walk to the park. We played with my ball and practised running back to Lucy when she called my name. I am getting quite good at this - except when other dogs appear, then my ears don't seem to work any more!

Tonight I have to go to bed early  - Mrs Gray told me my friend Santa is coming to my house tonight, but that he will only come if I am fast asleep! I am so excited - I don't know how I'm going to get to sleep tonight...zzzzz

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Christmas Day started very early for me (as usual!). Mrs Gray took me downstairs for my breakfast. As it was a special day, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast - I think they are my favourite! As soon as it was light, we all went down to the beach for a lovely walk. There were lots of other dogs there too, we had a great time racing around.

When we got home, Nicholas was there, so he, James and Lucy started opening up lots of shiny parcels. Mrs Gray told me that Santa had been and left them for everyone. I didn't say anything but just watched them quietly. When they had opened up all their presents, Lucy looked at me with a big smile. 'Don't worry, Maggie - Santa didn't forget you!' I was so relieved - I thought maybe Santa knew about that chair leg I chewed...

Lucy helped me open up all my presents. I got lots of lovely toys, treats and a coat for when I am a big girl. By then Grace had arrived, so I showed her all my presents! I had a little play with some of my new toys, then it was lunchtime!  I had a special puppy Christmas dinner, I gobbled it straight up. After lunch, I was so tired I had a big long nap (so did Nicholas!)

Later on, Caitlin came too and we played for a while. All too soon it was time for me to go for my walk, have one of my new bedtime biscuits and go to bed! I had such a nice Christmas Day. 

This morning I was so excited when I saw all my new toys again - I didn't know what to play with first! Before long, Nicholas and Caitlin came and took me to the beach. When I got there, lots of my dog friends were there - Poppy, Sadie, Ralph, Diego, Blake,  Reggie, Alfie and Molly. It was really good fun, but it was SO cold I started shivering and had to ask Nicholas for a snuggle.

Now I'm home again, waiting for my tea, my walk and my bedtime biscuit! 'Night 'night!

Sunday 29th December

I hope all the boys and girls from my school are having as lovely a holiday as I am! The other night I got to stay up quite late - lots of people came to the house for a special party. It was a bit strange because they all had dressing up costumes on! There was a doctor, a dentist, a policeman, a ballerina, a secretary, a racing car driver, a princess and a train driver! I heard them all talking - someone had done something very naughty and they had to try and find out who had done it! I got a bit worried... I've been chewing things again! It was alright in the end though, they were all just pretending. (It turned out to be Nicholas who had been naughty and I know he wouldn't be really!)

Now, I'm going to play a trick on you! Have a look at my photos today. There is one of me sitting on Nicholas' knee, one on the beach and one sitting on a mat. Aren't they nice photos?

Tricked you! Only one of them is me - the other two are of my brother Max, doesn't he look like me? We have the same mammy and daddy and were born on the same day. Max likes going to the beach too. If you look very carefully you can see that I have a stripe down my face, but I think Max and I are twins!