Cleadon Church of England Academy



On week 1 we met Mrs D and KS. We learned about having yucky feelings and what to do if those feelings made us sad, scared or worried. The whole class thought about who they could talk to if they had yucky feelings. Those people are our trusted grown-ups. We also took part in trust exercises.

This week we learned about film and game ratings and the watershed. We understand that the ratings are in place to keep us safe. The yucky feelings we learned about last week could be caused by seeing something upsetting or scary on a film, game or on the computer. We know to tell one of our trusted grown-ups if something like this upsets us and gives us yucky feelings.

In week 3 we thought about bullying. What is a bully? What do they do? How does bullying make us feel? What can we do?Mrs D and KS taught us that bullying happens "several times on purpose" and the magic word is STOP. We practised being strong and powerful and saying "STOP"! This week we also make a list of our 5 trusted adults to keep in our trays in case we need to talk about any yucky feelings.