Cleadon Church of England Academy

Prayer Spaces Autumn 2016


In October we held our Autumn Prayer Spaces event. Seaburn Rotary Club kindly donated 4500 purple crocus bulbs to our school and we saw an opportunity to combine Prayer Spaces and the planting of these bulbs. One of our Directors Mr Kieth Higgins organised members of the Rotary Club to come and prepare the ground and to help the children to plant their bulbs. It was a mammoth task and we would like to thank the members of Seaburn Rotary Club for all their hard work and support. To read more about the Rotary clubs efforts to raise funds to combat Polio click here. We also had members of the local WI on hand to deliver the prepared prayer and to help the children to access this terms Prayer Space. Many thanks to the ladies who attended and to Mr and Mrs Howard who gave up their morning to help with this project.


This term our Prayer Space was inspired by nature. First the children held a bulb in their hands and listened to these words:

As we hold these bulbs in our hands we say thank you to God for caring for all people who have died.

God has given them peace and rest and although we can no longer see or hear them, come springtime, the colourful beauty of the flowers will remind us of God’s wonderful love.

Take your bulb and give a silent prayer as you plant it in remembrance of someone who is no longer with us.


The children then planted their bulbs with the help of our volunteers. We then moved into the Forget-Me-Not-Garden where we sowed wildflower seeds after listening to these words:


They say that patience is a virtue. Perhaps one of the the best examples of patience is to plant a seed and wait for it to grow. God wants us to understand that sometimes we have to wait for the good things in life. Take a pinch of seed and sow it in our garden. Say a silent prayer to thank God for all the things that are worth waiting for.

We extended an invitation to parents and the local community to take part in this event. We were very pleased to welcome lots of visitors who came to plant a bulb in remembrance of a loved one.