Cleadon Church of England Academy

Mount Everest Challenge

Cleadon C of E Academy has decided to take part in a whole school fundraiser to raise funds for the Key2Life Foodbank in South Shields. We have decided to climb the highest mountain in the world ‘Mount Everest’. The summit stands at 29,029ft. Donations to the foodbank can be made by visiting our JustGiving page:


Teams: EYFS / KS1 vs KS2

Who can enter: Children, staff, pets and families

How to take part:

  • Set a five-minute time limit on a timing device (e.g. watch, mobile phone)
  • Walk up the stairs and count how many steps that you do
  • Walk back down the stairs (no counting required)
  • Repeat walking up the stairs counting the steps until the five minutes end
  • Be sure to ask someone to take a photograph or video of you completing the challenge
  • Send the number of steps counted and your photograph / video to
  • Check out our website and Facebook page for updates on who is winning the race to the top

Maggie has stared the challenge and is donating her steps to both teams. Click the video to watch her progress.

As a school we have already collected a "mountain" of tinned food to donate.