Cleadon Church of England Academy

Daily Challenge

 Welcome back to your daily challenges!

Daily Challenge  - Spring Term 21
Today we want you to complete some exercise, you might go for a walk or complete an online PE session. Our only request is that you do it in your favourite active wear.
Daily Challenge - Spring Term  20
Go outside and have some fun in the snow!
Daily Challenge  - Spring Term 19
Foody Friday!
Why not make a special something for lunch or a treat for tea. In school, Year 5 and 6 are making pasta sauce dishes this afternoon. Can you beat their efforts?
Daily Challenge  - Spring Term 18
Put on a dressing up costume and strike a pose!
Daily Challenge - Spring Term 17
Grab some household items (tins, tea towels, cups etc.) and create a happy, smiling face on this cold, wet day.
Daily Challenge  - Spring Term 16
Put on some calming music! How long can you balance for on one leg? Time yourself, rest, then see if you can go for longer!
Daily Challenge  -Spring Term 15
After you have completed your work for today, why not have some time having fun and playing with a favourite toy or game.
Daily Challenge  - Spring Term 14
Make your Christingle!
Daily Challenge - Spring Term 13
As World Book Day is fast approaching, why not read or share your favourite story with a family member or cuddly toy.
Daily Challenge - Spring Term 12
My favourite meal - Draw around a plate and add your favourite meal onto it using coloured pens and pencils.
Daily Challenge - Spring Term 11
Put favourite song on! How many star jumps can you do in 30 seconds? Time yourself, rest, then see if you can go for longer!
Daily Challenge Spring Term 10
Spend some time in the garden or outside your house and take a photograph of something that catches your eye on this cold wintery day.
Daily Challenge - Spring Term 9
Sock ladder challenge – Lay out 4 socks like rungs of a ladder. Step between the rungs working your way along the ladder then back again. Both feet must touch the floor in each space between rungs. How many can you do in 30 seconds?
Daily Challenge- Spring Term 8
Take a photograph of something that has made you smile today.
Daily Challenge- Spring Term  7
Support your parents with a household job e.g. cleaning, hoovering etc.
Daily Challenge - Spring Term  6
Lot's of us are working at home today! Let's see some smiley faces hard at work on your remote learning activities.
Daily Challenge - Spring Term 5
Speed bounce Challenge – Layout a piece of tape as a marker (a sock would work as an alternative) Jump and land two-footed on the other side of the marker. How many times can you manage in 20 seconds? Can you beat your score?
Daily Challenge - Spring Term 4
Play a game or have a cuddle with your pet or favourite cuddly toy.


Daily Challenge -Spring Term 3
Play a board game or complete a jigsaw.
Mrs Gray attempted to play Snakes and Ladders with Maggie but all she wanted to do was play fetch with her favourite bone!
Image may contain: dog
Daily Challenge-Spring Term 2
Put your favourite song on and dance to it!
Daily Challenge- Spring Term 1
Draw a family portrait showing the people you live with. Be sure to include any pets and make sure all the people are wearing their favourite party clothes.

Daily Challenge - Water Fun

It's going to be another hot day. Why not have some water fun? Get out the paddling pool, water guns or just run through the sprinkler. Don't forget to ask your grown up first and please don't forget your sun cream and hat. Oh, and most of all have lots of fun!

Daily Challenge - Mini-Beasts

Today's challenge is to go on a minibeast hunt. Remember if you are lifting stones put them back as you found them and don't forget to wash you hands if you have handled any. Don't forget to wear sun cream and a hat today it's going to be a hot one.

Daily Challenge - Foil Boats

Today's challenge it is to make different sized boats using tin foil. How many pennies can you put in your boats before they sink?

Daily Challenge-over to you! 
Today’s challenge is to choose your own challenge! We have set you so many different challenges over these past weeks. Some you will have enjoyed more than others. Today you are in charge! You can pick your own challenge! You may want to repeat a challenge we have already set or come up with your own!

Daily challenge-Alphabet scavenger hunt! 
Today’s challenge is to go on a scavenger hunt. The aim of the game is to find an item that begins with each letter of the alphabet. You can either do this in the house/garden our out and about. You might like to ask a grown up to time how long it takes you to complete the hunt.
Daily challenge- Lego!
Today’s challenge is to make something out of Lego!
Daily challenge- Your game, your rules! 
Today your challenge is to make your own board game!
Gather some board game pieces, dice, and game cards. Use a sheet of paper or a piece of cardboard to make your own board game using your game supplies. Design the rules for a new game and then have fun playing!
Daily challenge - Stone art
Today’s challenge is to create some stone art. You can either decorate a large stone or use lots of little stones to create a picture!
Daily challenge-indoor workout!
With the weather looking wet all day, today’s challenge is to get fit indoors! You could find an online exercise routine (like PE with Joe) make up a dance, complete the exercise alphabet below or make up your own workout.
Daily challenge - hand/foot art. 
Today’s challenge is to create some art using your hands and feet! Use your imagination to transform handprints and footprints into something else!
Daily Challenge - Gratitude jar
Today’s challenge is to either draw or make a gratitude jar! Write down things you are grateful for and put them in your jar! These things could be people, objects, events etc. If you make a jar you might want to fill it up gradually but you can make a start today!
Daily Challenge -  ‘Favourite things!’
Your first challenge this half term is all about your favourite things.
Draw around your hand and in each finger, write one of your favourite things. You can also add colour or decorate your hand print!

Daily challenge -  Big Hugs 
This idea was sent to us by one of our parents and we love it! The Royal Mail website has lots of downloadable resources.

Daily Challenge 
The Big Neighbourhood Sunflower Challenge.
Some of you may have already seen this on Facebook but if not, take a look!
Today’s challenge is to get involved and make your own piece of sunflower art and display it on your windows!

Daily Challenge 
Letter writing 
Today’s challenge is to write a letter to someone special. This could perhaps be a friend or a family member outside of your household. Tell them what you have been doing and what you would like to do with them when things get back to normal. You could also draw them a picture.
If your special someone lives close, you could post it through their letter box. If they don’t, ask a grown up to send a photo of your letter to them. You could even post it!

Daily Challenge - 
Den building!
Today we challenge you to build a den! There are lots of different ways to build a den at home (inside or out!)
If you are building a den indoors, use chairs, sofas and other furniture to hang a blanket from. If den building outside, you could use garden furniture, a washing line or trees as the frame! Clothes pegs work well to secure your blankets! Here are a few pictures for inspiration!
Remember to ask a grown up for permission (and some help) first!

Daily challenge - Week 7 Day 5
Today we would like you to try your hand at some origami! Have a look online for something to make! You may need to ask a grown up to help you!
Send us some of your creations and instructions so that we can share them with others!

Daily challenge- Week 7 Day 4
Getting active!

Today’s daily challenge is to find a new way to get your daily exercise-something you haven’t tried before!
You could try a Yoga session, make up your own dance/gymnastics routine or even find an online fitness activity that you can join in with!

Daily Challenge - Week 7 Day 3

Acts of Kindness
Our school value this week is ‘Kindness’. Today we challenge you to show kindness to others. You could write a note, help an adult, hug a sibling, call/FaceTime a relative or simply smile at a neighbour on your daily walk!

Daily Challenge- Week 7 Day 2

Photographs of Nature 

Today we challenge you to take a photograph of the beautiful nature that is all around us! Take photographs on your daily walk or in your garden. Your photos could be of landscape, insects, animals, plants and trees.

Daily challenge. Week 7 Day 1

Poetry challenge!

Today’s challenge is to find a poem that you like and read it with a grown up. You could try to memorise and recite the poem or even write your own!

Week 6- Daily Challenge 4

VE Day Picnic.

Plan your own VE Day picnic for tomorrow. What will you have on your plate? Sandwiches, scones, cakes, sausage rolls, strawberries?

Week 6- Daily Challenge 3

Make a junk model.

Have a look around your house for any rubbish that you can make into something exciting! You could use kitchen roll tubes, empty boxes, yogurt pots etc. You could paint your model too.

Week 6- Daily Challenge 2

Draw or paint a portrait of one of your friends from school. Tell a grown up why they are such a good friend!

Week 6- Daily Challenge 1

Complete your Mount Everest Challenge.

Take a photograph / video of you completing the challenge and send the amount of steps that you manage in the five minute period.


Week 5- Daily Challenge 5

It's a sunny Friday so why not go and have a ride on your bike or scooter either in the garden or on your daily exercise.


Week 5- Daily Challenge 4

Make and decorate a paper aeroplane. Measure how far your aeroplane flies when you test it.

Week 5- Daily Challenge 3

Create a picture of your pet or a pet you would like to have using paint, pens or pencils.


Week 5- Daily Challenge 2

Dress up as your favourite super hero or story character and send us your best action pose


Week 5 - Daily Challenge 1

Grab a pack of cards or a set of dominoes and play a classic game. Why not try snap, patience or pontoon? Can you win a game of dominoes?

Week 4- Daily Challenge 5

Go outside in the sunshine and grab a ball. See how many times that you can clap your hands when you throw the ball up in the air.


Week 4- Daily Challenge 4

Today marks a special day in the calendar as it’s not only St. George’s Day but also Shakespeare’s birthday.

We have split the daily challenge into two parts today to commemorate this special day. Although feel free to attempt both if you would like to!

For KS2, we would like you to research William Shakespeare and find us five fascinating facts about his life or record yourself reading a Shakespearean quote.

For KS1 and EYFS, we would like you to listen to the story of St. George and the dragon and draw us a picture showing a scene from the story.

Week 4- Daily Challenge 3

Sit down and enjoy a story with your favourite toy or pet


Week 4- Daily Challenge 1

Help your parents / carers with cleaning or tidying an area in the house or outside in the garden.


The Great Cleadon Bake Off!

So here's a challenge for everyone to take part in!
The Great Cleadon Bake Off!

Whilst you're all at home and looking for fun things to do, why not bake a cake or a pie or even make a tasty dessert. It could even have an NHS theme!

When completed, please send a photograph to the Facebook page or email them to The best daily entries will be displayed on Facebook and the school website each evening. The overall winner will be announced on Monday 20th April.

Good Luck and happy baking!


Week 3- Daily Challenge 4

Dance to your favourite song and show us your best pose.


Week 3- Daily Challenge 3

Play with your favourite toy either inside the house or outside in your garden.



Week 3- Daily Challenge 2

Take a photograph of yourself enjoying the sunshine with a plant, flower or tree. This could either be in your garden or out on your daily exercise.


Week 3- Daily Challenge 1

Welcome back to your Daily Challenge. I hope you've had a nice Easter.

Today's challenge:
Draw and colour a picture of something that you have enjoyed doing over the Easter holiday.

Week 2- Daily Challenge 5

Go on a Treasure Hunt around your home and find the following items:

A colourful t shirt, two tins, two spoons, a towel, a salt or pepper pot, a towel and a sock.

Please then make a smiling person.


PE Challenge 5- Fitness Friday

How long can you hold a plank for? Time yourself, rest then see if you can go for longer! Send in a photograph of your plank position.

Week 2- Daily Challenge 4

Feed your pet a tasty treat or cuddle your favourite teddy bear.


PE Challenge 4- Therapeutic Thursday!

Listen to some mindfulness music and do some breathing exercises.

You could even do some mindfulness colouring


Week 2- Daily Challenge 3

Today is a special challenge to help the NHS!

We are asking all children to draw a beautiful, colourful and cheerful picture that we will send off to the NHS to display in our hospital. The pictures will make the wards a bright, happy place!

Week 2 Daily Challenge 2
Draw or paint a self portrait to display in your house.

PE Challenge 2- Turn it up Tuesday!

Put your favourite song on or turn on the radio. Dance however you would like for the entire song. 


Week 2 Daily Challenge 1

Have a snack or lunch with your favourite teddy bear or toy.


PE Challenge 1- Move it Monday!

Make an obstacle course in the garden for you and your family to complete.

Week 1 Daily Challenge 5

Make a happy face out of some household or garden items.

Week 1 Daily Challenge 4

Create a picture outside in the sunshine with some natural materials or water.


Week 1 Daily Challenge 3

Play a board game or complete a jigsaw.


Week 1 Daily Challenge 2 

Help your grown-up with some household tasks.

Week 1 Daily Challenge 1 

Draw and colour in a picture of a nice memory.