Cleadon Church of England Academy


P.E and Sport


PE Vision statement

In and through our PE our pupils will participate in a broad and balanced, challenging and competitive curriculum both in and out of school hours enabling their full potential.Pupils will be passionate and confident participants who will transfer their knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices into adult life.

 At Cleadon Church of England Academy our aim is to ensure all children enjoy physical education and sport. Through physical education and sport we aim to improve health and well being, to promote active participation and lifelong learning and for each child to fulfill their potential.

Here at Cleadon Church of England Academy we know that healthy and active kids are happy kids which is why we are dedicated to sport and P.E. This page is dedicated to all the lessons, clubs, classes, groups and activities that take place here at school.

Year 3 Hockey Skills

Year 3 are really enjoying practising their hockey skills. They are learning to "stop and pass" and to control the ball.